To me the idea of a road trip sounds fun, adventurous and exciting in the initial stages of planning! I am constantly thinking of new places Geoff and I should take the kids – close by and/or lengthier trips – and then reality sinks in as I begin to pack our bags and the car. Fun and excitement turns into complete horror and terror for the ride (not just the physical ride but also the mental and emotional with two babies in tow) and I am already exhausted thinking about it.

This past weekend, though, we decided to try this ‘road trip thing’ again and loaded (literally!!) up the car and headed to Geoff’s sisters house in North Carolina for a fun family reunion with all of Geoff’s brothers and sisters. The idea of all the fun of having everyone together, under one roof, for an entire weekend was the only thing keeping me from having a complete breakdown the entire trip down.

Now, just because I know you all have nothing better to do, I have painstakingly broken down our drive to NC from my iPhone pics below… enjoy!

image (4)

We decided to leave at 4 o’clock in the morning so that our children would sleep for a good leg of the trip. See pictures below of how successful that was…


Tate had no idea what was going on … clearly from the wtf look on his face. He did not go to sleep until 8:10 … I repeat, he was wake for the next 4 hours!! Mission failure.

At around 6:45, Maddie was more than telling us it was time for a break and that she was hungry. At this point we were in the middle of nowhere West Virginia. Literally, in the middle of nowhere. We drove for a few miles trying to find some form of civilization and this was the best we found…



image (3)x

… we were desperate.

image (2)

The kids needed diaper changes and breakfast at this point. There was no bathroom in site, so our car was converted into a changing station.

image_2 (2)

image_1 (2)

And a breakfast bar. We are classy. I know.


This was one of the only legs of the trip that I would call “fun.” I had wrapped a few old and new toys for Tate and had him open them up to help with entertainment. Genius idea thanks to suggestions from good friends! He had a blast!

PicMonkey Collage1

Another stop to feed the babe! Geoff and Tate decided to practice his stepping/try and wear the kid out!! By this point he had only slept a total of 30 minutes!! I was more than ready for a little peace and quiet!

photo (59)

Time for lunch. Never mind that it was only 9:30 in the morning! I had not had a lunchable in years. Like since college, but when my eye spotted them in the grocery store before our trip I knew it was a must! Unfortunately they were not how I had remembered them in college :/

image_2 (3)

Again, Maddie was letting us know it was time to stop. Darn nursing babies needing to feed every 2ish hours! This stop was made in a town called Tobaccoville, NC. No joke. It exists. And, the only legit place we found off the exit was a mildly-sketchy motel parking lot. We let Tate run around there. Again, desperate.

We jumped back in the car around 11:10 am. No more stops we told ourselves! We had less than two hours to go.

Then this happened…


We have a rule in our family that if we pass a Chick-fil-a at any hour, on any trip, we stop!

Finally at around 11:45, Tate decided to give up and go to sleep. By this point he had only shut his eyes for 30 minutes the entire trip!


We arrived to Geoff’s sisters in a lengthy 9 hours and 1 minute (that one minute was a big deal to Geoff as he was speedily driving through her complex to cut off that minute!). We stopped three times for approximately 15-20 minutes for each stop. All-in-all I would say we made great time and I have to admit it was not as bad as I had anticipated. The kids managed the drive well (considering they were stuck in their car seats for 8 hours!!) and there was not as much screaming as I expected (which I was expecting to be 6 of the 8 hour trip – a little dramatic much?!).

We had a fantastic weekend with family and were all sad to leave. It was wonderful celebrating the 4th with loved ones and welcoming our dear brother-in-law home from Afghanistan. Stay tuned, more pictures from the weekend will surface later this week!!

Oh, and I won’t bore you with the details from the trip back home. Just re-read this post again if interested, including all the sketchy stops we made.


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