I am not sure how it is possible, but my baby is two today. When you begin to have children, everyone tells you to enjoy the moments because they go by so quickly. I am here to tell you, they do. It really seems like last month I was pregnant with Tate and we were waiting (and praying, and walking and walking) for his birth and here we are two years later, with TWO KIDS! Life really does quickly fly by!

So, I have not been the best with monthly, quarterly or semi-frequent updates of the kids, so here goes expanded his yearly update!!

This little man is one of the snuggly, most lovable kids I know. He wakes up with a huge smile, arms wide open, ready to give you a big hug. After his hug, he will usually then plant a big (usually wet) kiss right on your lips! It truly is the best way to start your day (even the wet and slimy part)! One of the first words he understood and learned to say was “hug” and is never shy to give one out. I hope this snuggly side to him never goes away (at least for his mama).

He is all boy when it comes to toys! He is obsessed (word not used lightly) with cars, trucks, buses, airplanes … basically anything with “wheeeels.” He loves to throw balls, hit his golf clubs and play with blocks. One of his new favorite past times is to push things, for example the cart in the grocery store, his scooter or the stroller in which his sister is in. One problem with this, though, he likes to push these things and run at the same time.

Speaking of running… I think this kid thinks it is the only form of transportation with his two legs. Walking is for sure not in his vocabulary and hasn’t been since he learned to stand up and use his legs for mobility. My mother-in-law says Geoff was the exact same way and that she used to walk with him for miles and miles around the block before his bedtime just to get all the energy out of him. I think I know what is in store for my future.

Tate is becoming quite the social butterfly these days. He is beginning to recognize his “friends”, or those that we have frequent play dates with, and gets so excited when he sees them (most of the time a little too excited, but we are working on it). He loves to give hugs and yell “buh-bye” to them when they leave. Sharing most of the time is a foreign concept, but isn’t it for all kids at this age still (maybe my na├»ve first-time parenting ideas?!).

Maddie still is quite boring to him. He is very sweet to her and is never mean to her, but he gives her little attention because hey, what can she do with him or for him at this point?! Sometimes he will give her a toy (obviously one he is not interested in) when she is playing close to him or if she is crying, but has no interest in holding her or playing with her. But, every night before bed we ask for a ‘goodnight kiss’ from him and the first person to receive a kiss from him, without fail, is always Maddie. It completely melts my heart and reminds me that he really does notice her and some day (soon!!) they will play and be the best of friends and the worst of enemies!

We still are missing quite a few teeth in his mouth, but he loves to brush the few that he does have! His speech increases by the minute, though there are many (MANY) words/sounds I still am unable to make out. He loves to talk, though, and is very expressive. I cannot wait (or maybe I can) until words start flying out of his mouth!

Thank you for making a mama two short years ago!! We love you lots little man!. 

To check out posts from his first birthday check out here, here and here!! He looks like such a chunky baby (which he was!). And see here for yesterday’s attempt at a DIY second year birthday photo shoot.


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