Lately I have been trying to just catch a breath and one day where I feel like my to-do list is accomplishable and stresses are not at the max. But, with a new house to furnish, Tate’s 2nd birthday at the end of the month and life and laundry continuously piling up I do not think that breath is coming anytime soon. I have been trying to go to bed earlier but find myself not falling asleep until well past midnight as my brain will not shut off with all that I have to do these days.

But, in the midst of all the craziness of moving, unpacking and living life, these are a few things that have been keeping me happy and sane:

  • I love Fall. Not to put a shut-down on summer quite yet because I also do love summer, but with Fall comes s’mores and s’mores are just my favorite! We have been making “fake” s’mores these days or snacking on these and it makes me totally giddy for Fall to arrive.
  • My indecisive self finally decided on bedding for our room. For years now I have felt like our master bedroom was the “junk room” in our house and where random things end up. Anyone else feel this way? I have decided with the new house this will not be acceptable. We are starting from scratch with everything in our room because our old furniture went to the guest room (or elsewhere – aka the trash) and so I am trying hard to create a room where we will want to cuddle up in or read together in or just be bright and cheery to walk into. I went a little too crazy at the Pottery Barn Outlet over this and this in a beautiful combination of white! No kids allowed in this room!!
  • I am obsessing over these. If only I had somewhere to wear them to. Is this acceptable for play dates? Oh, and in case you hadn’t noticed, MEGA Kate Spade ending tonight!! Hurry.
  • We finally have an accent chair in our living room. Nothing else! We did order a couch last Saturday – to arrive the end of September (don’t ask, not happy about). A rug, ottoman, side table and curtains are on the to-do list before couch arrival. But, at least we have a chair, right?
  • Invitations for Tate’s family birthday party are going out this weekend! The friend birthday party still has a date and all other logistics TBA, but get ready to “dump everything” for this awesome construction-themed party!!
  • I have taken a two week break from my addiction, but I am ready to get back in!

Life is busy, but it always is right?! I am thankful (most days) for my busy life, that is full of so many blessings. Each day before I make my to-do list and begin to get overwhelmed with all that needs to get done, I try to take a few minutes to play with my children, eat my breakfast slowly or step outside for a brief moment and just take a breath. Life and to-do lists will never stop, but I pray each day to remember what makes me happy and to truly count my blessings (because there are so many!).


^^A few pictures of Tate & I playing last weekend. I promise we do get his dressed most days (today may or may not have happened at around 4 pm… no judging!).


Happy weekend!!

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