I keep telling Geoff, “life will for sure slow down after this weekend. It has to, right?!” All summer I knew August would be a busy month with our move and Tate’s second birthday and all the celebrations involved with that. I am one of those people that likes to have a “put together house” (whatever that really means) and knowing all my immediate and close extended family would be visiting throughout the month to either check-out the new house or for Tate’s party I feel a little added pressure to have things really “put together.” I am nowhere near “put together” but things are slowly starting to look like a ‘home.’ We do not have a couch for our living room yet (back ordered for 6 weeks!!), no wall hangings, no curtains, few rugs throughout the house but I am starting to become okay with that. I understand it is a slow process decorating a house and we will accumulate things as we have time to search and when things catch our eye, but some days most days I wish there was just a button a could push to have it all complete (can anyone work on that for me?!).

Just few other current chaotic pieces of our lives:

  • Tate is two tomorrow. I have been really sappy lately thinking about my life two years ago and how this sweet, little boy made me a mother. I reminiscing his birth story (see here if really interested) and how this little man has changed my life and the person I am today. For his birthday, I wanted to try and capture a few birthday photos with a DIY photo shoot. Lately I have been feeling guilty that I didn’t book a session with one of our photographer friends for some second birthday shots. And then, yesterday happened and I felt relieved I did not book that session.


^^The only reason he sat down was because I was bribing him with a cookie. Parenting at its finest. Though, I’m not sure why he was laying down?!


^^Playing with rocks. Because that’s what boys do.


^^A then a truck decided to drive-by during our photo shoot.


^^And then after one minute, I lost his attention and he was off.

  • How it is saying “no” all day to my children comes so easy all day but for anything else in my life it feels like that two letter word is a bad word! I have the hardest time saying no to people or things I feel I should do (but aren’t always necessary or the best thing to do with my time). A few months ago, when thinking about Tate’s birthday party I decided it would be best to throw two separate parties – a family party and a friend party. Last year we did one big party and it was very difficult to visit with everyone, especially family that had traveled quite a distance to be with us. Two parties was the right decision and I felt good about that, and even a little excited (the party planner in me!!). I had chosen cute themes for both parties, started my “pinning” process and gathering all my ideas. And then, we moved and the reality of throwing two separate parties hit me. All the work. All the stress (additional stress on top of normal stress). Oh, and all the work again!! I thought about scratching the friend party but that made me really sad to not celebrate with all of those people that we love and have fun with. I talked it over with a couple of my friends and they told me to ‘for sure not do the friend party.’ Still, I just wasn’t sure…!! Would I regret not throwing him a party for his friends? I love throwing parties and hosting people, would I regret not being able to plan and host a party? After more and more contemplating, I officially decided to say no! I can’t do it all and two parties with where we are in our move and lives with two small babies is a lot. It was hard for me to say “no” to something I want to do and feel like I should do, and it may sound silly, but I am proud of myself for trying to choose the best things and not just good or better things in my life (see talk here for inspiration). So, this weekend we will be celebrating with our family and next year when he is older and understands a birthday is more than “a cake” we will celebrate with friends.
  • I have been online window shopping (basically getting my shopping list together for the Labor Day sale deals) and I am just obsessed with little boy clothes, especially shoes. Everyone (including myself) said how much more fun it will be to have a little girl and dress her, but that is so not true!! I am dying over these and these and these!! And I have a list of outfits ready to purchase – bring on the deals!
  • The other night we saw a commercial for Little Caesar's pretzel pizza. Sounds gross to me, but my husband insisted we try it and we did last night. You can order it with nacho cheese instead of marinara sauce. We did half nacho cheese and half marinara sauce. Good choice, because I couldn’t even eat two bites of the nacho cheese side, but the sauce side was quite delicious. Jets pizza is still our go-to, but if he insisted again I would order again.


^^And we are off. Goodbye for now – Happy Tuesday!!


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