Lately we have had a lot to celebrate between the new house, the amazing summer Geoff has had at work and our anniversary last weekend. We decided a celebratory date night out all fancy was in order!! We set Saturday as our date. Saturday came and, oh wait… we need a babysitter!! We (or I) totally forgot to book a sitter for the kids until mid-day Saturday and obviously people have a life and no one was available!! Ugh. We didn’t want to ditch our plans (well we sort of ditched the “fancy” part) completely and so we made the date into a family date night at the park, with Chick-fil-A and all (we be real fancy!).


^^This little one is in the beginning stages of sitting up and pulling herself up on things. It can’t be true?!


^^This is all he does!!!! He is our little running man. Runs from the kitchen to the playroom (2 feet from each other). Runs from the bathroom to his bedroom (1.5 feet from each other). Runs in a wide open field/playground. He doesn’t discriminate.


^^With some spotting from Geoff, Tate climbed up this entire wall!


^^I love capturing sweet moments like this. Though he is Mr. Energetic 90% of his day, the other 10% he is the sweetest, most cuddly little man.

Though our date night out was a little ruined with the kiddos in tow, we decided to have a little romantic picnic when the kids were put to sleep. I picked up some sparkling juice for our ‘fancy’ glasses and this cheesecake bite collection from Target. Even though our night did not go as planned, what a perfect way to end it! And we even did a little snuggling on the deck!


I love weekends and I love my family!

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