Life around here has been quite busy sprinkled with an extra dose of chaos and so this little blog has been a complete after-thought, totally set on the back-burner and utterly neglected. But, to bring you up to speed, Geoff and I purchased our very first home 12 days ago to be exact! Driving away from the title agency I felt like I was in a dream and had completely stolen someone else’s keys! We have been dreaming of owning our own home for quite some time now and it finally had become a reality. And, not only had we just purchased a our very own home, but our dream home for us right now! We still walk around the house saying to each other, “I can’t believe this is ours.” We are completely smitten and in love with it.

There will be plenty more posts on the interior of the house and how the d├ęcor is coming along (or not!!). We got rid of a lot of our furniture to start fresh and so we have multiple empty (completely empty!!) rooms. But, we ordered a bed last week for our room (no more guest room for us!) and a couch this weekend (to be delivered the end of September – bummer!). Baby steps… I will also put together a post or two on our buying process of the house. We did everything without any realtors from either the buyer or seller end. Long story (which is why it will be told in another post) but we had such a smooth process and would recommend FSBO. More to come!

But, for now, let’s try and capture a family photo in front of the new house……….


Or not…. I am counting this one good as 3 out of the 4 are looking at the camera and have a good smile.


^^Of course he is smiling AND looking at the camera for the picture that is far away and out of focus!


^^Many people of asked me how Tate has adjusted to the new house. He loves it! It is more space than where we moved from and he has his own play room and bed room again, so he is over the moon with the amount space to run and hide and be the fun, energetic kid that he is!




More pictures and stories to come! For now, we are alive, well, and excited to enter this blogging world again. Stay tuned.

To check out prelim pictures of the pantry and kitchen!! I am in love! This kitchen makes it so much easier to want to cook and bake. This is not going to be good for my scale.

And, a full picture of the outside of our home sweet home.

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