This past Saturday Geoff and I loaded up the kids and car (literally, the entire car was full) and drove to Cleveland for the day. [Yes, you read that correctly. We drove up 4 hours, both ways, for the day.] Saturday was my family’s annual Pierogi Fest (see here for all the details and our traditions) and it is an event not to be missed!! Usually we make it a weekend event, but this year Geoff had early plans Sunday morning he needed to get to and arriving late Friday night in a new environment where the kids would not sleep well in, which would also result in Geoff and I not sleeping well didn’t sound like a fun plan to us. The idea of driving 8 hours in one day to be at the party for 8 hours was a better plan than the former (we might be crazy?!).

As usual, it was another amazing party and one for the books. The kids had such a fun time playing with their cousins (second cousins, or once removed… something like that) and we all enjoyed too much good food and company as usual. I didn’t get near as many pictures as I wanted, but I guess that’s what juggling two kids will do… with a fractured toe (oh, yes! I dropped a marble slab on my toe that morning and so I  was walking around all day with a throbbing toe. I lived to tell the story).


^^This is where Tate lived the entire day. He was covered head to toe in sand, but had the best time! He has not stopped talking about the “san-box” since!


^^Don’t ask me what this game was called, but it was all the rage. I had never seen it before but it is on our “must add” list to the new house.


^^ … essentially you throw a Frisbee at a pole and try and knock the water bottle off. … I think?!


^^Oh these two!! Check out last year’s Pierogi Fest pictures HERE to see a picture of them last year. Still as cute as ever.


^^I don’t think he could have added one more truck or car to the sand box. Every one attended the party.


^^Can’t wait for their new addition in February/March of next year!! We love babies!



As always, the party was amazing, the food was delicious and the company was even better!! Thanks for hosting yet another amazing Pierogi Fest.

Check out last year’s pictures here and for a description of what a “pierogi” is!! But seriously, check out last year’s post because Tate was a chunk!!


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Until next year….

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