I am pretty sure I have been sleeping the past 6 months because it feels like I just had Maddie yesterday, but today my little princess is 6 months old. Yes, you read that correctly! How, I’m not sure. When, I don’t know. But, according to her birth certificate and my math calculations (I used to be an accountant so they are pretty good) that is correct. S-I-X months!!


We went in for both kids baby well visits yesterday (Maddie = 6 month check-up and Tate = two year check up) and Maddie continues to be off the charts for height (no wonder with her dad’s height genes!!). She impressed the pediatrician with her amazing crawling skills and showed her how she can pull herself up on things now (it’s true) [… side note, it’s funny how as a first time mom I would be so proud my child was crawling and mobile early but as a second-time around parent my first thought was ‘no, stop!! I’m not ready for this!!’].

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… and she’s off…


She has always been a little eater with nursing and bottles, never taking more than 4 ounces at a time every 2-3 hours. But, solid foods – different story!! That girl will down 6+ ounces if you let her! She has never refused any solid food we have offered her – that includes all green veggies and prunes! She is a champ-eater and I am praying it stays that way.

Madelyn continues to be a very mild-mannered baby, only a little fuss here and there to let you know when she is hungry or tired. She is a great sleeper, which in turn makes for an energetic baby when she is awake (trade-offs!). She loves her brother. Adores him! She will watch him all day, laughing and smiling at him, trying so hard to catch his attention. She loves to play with his toys and dismisses any attempt I try giving her “baby” toys. I think she will be walking and/or running early, trying to catch up to him and mimic every move he does. [I hope they will be the best of buds!!]

She is incredibly ticklish and will give us some great giggles if we try – see video here.


I could not have asked for a better baby. She is loving, cuddly, gives the best smiles and giggles (don’t you agree from the video?!) and has the most mild temperament. I have loved being her mama the past six months, even if I do not know how or where the time has gone!! I love watching you grow Maddie!!


And in case you missed my sporadic monthly updates:

**Sorry month 1, 4 and 5 … life got the best of me!!


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  1. What a sweet, sweet girl! Love her headband...such a doll. And I love the graphic you made for the post. You think you have been sleeping for 6 months? I have been out cold for 7 years then...my oldest is a senior and I swear I can remember her as your daughter's age like it was yesterday!



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