I was just skimming through this week’s previous posts

….. How to organize a move

….. Potty training tips

….. How to bake

….. How to get your child to sleep well

… I am not sure where all this “wisdom” came from that I felt I needed to impart. I hope you enjoyed it, sorry if you didn’t. The regularly scheduled program of Casey’s Randomness is back on air and ready to bring you chaos (original, I know).


Lately I have been struggling with this one.


^^Snapping pictures of him while drinking milk (his latest obsession) may be the only way I can take pictures of him these days. I’ll take what I can get.


Well, not really with him in particular, but with this parenting-thing. Every day I feel like I am failing. If I were to receive a grade at the end of ‘this’ I’m pretty sure it would be a big, fat F (maybe even a “-“). Being a parent is hard. There’s no guidebook, no instructions. I struggle at that. When you are a parent to an infant, it is easy (relatively speaking, of course). All you have to do is basically keep the baby alive. With a toddler and older children, not only do you have to keep them alive but you also begin to teach the child life lessons that will begin to shape the person they become. Talk about stressful!! I struggle. Lots of prayers that I do not royally screw everything up would be appreciated!


This little girl is amazing! At her six month appointment last week the doctor asked if she was rolling over yet, to which we replied “she is crawling.” Amazing! Every day she gets faster and faster and this week has also decided to add ‘pulling up onto everything’ to her list of accomplishments. Mama is not ready!! “Baby-proof” the new house is top of the list for the weekend! One more picture, you ask? Okay!

IMG_6634FOR CASEY-0115

Oh, and for those that do not follow this sweet friend of mine, did you hear what she is having?! Just over 4 more months before we meet Baby G!!


^^They are going to make the best parents!

Speaking of the best parents, this guy is pretty great at it as well…


This weekend we have family pictures. Get ready for even more than the usual picture overload next week. Sorry not sorry in advance. Check back in a month if not interested (but please don’t!).

Happy Friday! I hope everyone is beginning to enjoy some of the crisp, Fall weather we are experiencing.


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  1. love all the pictures :) especially of Tate being himself - you are doing an awesome job mama! Keep at it!



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