One thing I hate about parenting is just when you finally feel like you are “figuring it out” (i.e. getting your child to sleep through the night, teaching them how to share, learning how to play ‘nice’ with friends, … just to name a few) then BAM some new phase starts up, complete with its own set of challenges. Well, the worst one has hit! Potty training.
For months now Tate has been showing significant interest in the bathroom and the “potty seat.” Whenever he sees Geoff or I go in or out of the bathroom (to which he obviously follows – no privacy!) he shouts “POTTY SEAT” “POTTY SEAT” and proceeds to sit on his seat. He likes to try and flush the toilet and loves to wash his hands (while making a mess in the process, obviously). From all that I have read on the trusty internet he is showing the “key” signs to indicate we need to begin this dreaded process.
This is definitely one of those topics all veteran mothers are more than happy to give first-time-novice mamas like me solicited or unsolicited advice on. These are the top things we have been told are essential to get us started on this adventure!!
I think I indicated a couple of months ago that I was thinking about / starting to potty train. I do not know what I was thinking. We were in the middle of packing up our entire house for our move and I basically just let him run around naked for a couple of days and would whisked him off to the potty seat every 20ish minutes. All that it resulted in was pee all over my floor and me cleaning the floors instead of packing. Obviously that did not last long and we have done nothing since.
Now that this potty-training-thing is back on the table I need a new plan. Nakey in our new house, with all of our new furniture, is not happening. Upon further investigation into this process, I decided Pull-Ups were the best route for us! These training pants are easy to pull on and off like underwear but feel cool within seconds of becoming wet to help the child learn to stay dry. They are the perfect transition from diapers to underwear, without the mess all over my new hardwood floors (not happening)!
After making the initial purchase of our Pull-Ups and trying to hold back the tears when I saw what a big boy he looked liked in them ….
PicMonkey Collage
^^Look how fun these designs are!! Tate loved the cars (obviously) and couldn’t get enough of the alligator on the back of one of the pairs.
… then I enrolled Tate in the Big Kid Academy to help get both of us started. For me, I need a plan for everything I do and this site gives you just that for this potty training adventure! The site provides you with a big kid prep list to get your started, has a customizable potty training progress chart to encourage and track accomplishments specific for your child, gives you ideas on how to celebrate the first flush all the way through nighttime potty training. I have been so impressed with all the information and ideas on this site and do not know how I would have been able to start this process without it!
For me, the 5 key Potty Training Tips from Big Kid Academy I am implementing TODAY are:
  1. Make sure your child is ready. Check out the 10 signs of readiness.
  2. Simple and easy-to-pull-off and on clothing over cute and fashionable.
  3. Don’t be above bribery.
  4. Make it fun. I know I might be stretching it here. Let’s be honest, potty training is not fun, for anyone, but try! Have a specific song or dance you sing after your child successfully uses the potty, read books or play with apps specifically discussing the potty, or chart your child’s progress and celebrate along the way. Big Kid Academy has a whole slew of ideas ready to help you (and especially me!) along this torturous journey (there is a light at the end, right?!). 
  5. Be positive and don’t show signs of discouragement (they sense it and it doesn’t help anyone).  
I know this is a process. And for most children it is a L  O  N  G process, but I feel a bit more ready and prepared now that we have Big Kid Academy in our corner!
So, for all your expert, veteran parents out there, what are your best tips and tricks for potty training? I would LOVE to hear them all!! Really!!
Thank you to Pull-ups for sponsoring today’s post and helping me Potty Train with Big Kid Academy. As always, opinions are all my own!

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  1. in just a few short years... .

    and tate in those pullups is darling :)

  2. I did the three-day potty training method. My SIL did it w my nephew first. Of course I tweaked it here and there to fit our needs, but for the most part it worked, for my son and my daughter. And girl, potty training your daughter will be SO much easier.



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