For me, this truly is ‘the most wonderful time of the year.’ I love all that comes with the change of these seasons – the crisp, cool air, the beautiful array of auburn-colored trees found everywhere, yummy apples treats, thick sweaters, warm riding boots.

One tradition we have made in our family through the years is visiting a fall festival every year. Our October is packed with lots of visitors and parties and so I decided to sneak in our trick to the farm the end of September before things get too busy. Unfortunately (or fortunately in my book!) we are currently experiencing unseasonably warm weather here in Ohio and so our ‘fall’ festival visit was not so fall-ish as we were all wearing shorts and sweating like crazy. None-the-less we can check that tradition off our list for this year (and the memories created!).


^^To no one’s surprise, Tate enjoyed the tractor that pulled our wagon to the pumpkin patch than the pumpkins themselves. To each their own?!


^^Again, our tradition included these two wildly adorable, pregnant people (well, Elisabeth is the only one “with child”, but you get what I was trying to say).


^^We went to Blooms & Berries Farm and it included the most beautiful sunflower field I have ever seen. We walked through the path and smelled every flower we passed (which were many – clearly!) … (Tate’s request)!!


^^Check out these pictures!! Oh my, has this little man grown over the past year!!


^^This little girl may have let me hold her during the hayride in which she may have also fell asleep in my arms. I basked in it for too long. Folks, this never happens. When we are out Maddie has zero interest in napping, sitting or doing anything that would allow me to be sitting with her. She so busy and constantly wants to be moving!!

And, obviously we tried to take a family picture and they turned out like this… (drum roll, though we all know how they are going to look)


^^Two out of the four looking. One screaming, “noooo!”


^^Zero looking. Trying to tickle him to at least crack a smile. Then this happened…


^^… “see ya!” Well, that was fun.


^^There were so many fun activities for kids to do at this farm. From tunnels to run through to slides and swings made out of tires to a petting zoo to a corn maze – it was impossible to be bored or not spend less than 2 hours there.


^^This was his favorite thing to do at the farm. It was a large tunnel slide in which you had to walk up quite a few steps to get to the top. He didn’t quite get the “wait your turn in line” –thing as he you get to the top, walk to the tunnel and just slide down. We then explained he needed to ‘wait his turn’ which led to him letting every kid go in front of him. One of these days…


^^I spy a baby bump!! We are just a little excited for Baby G to arrive in January!


^^I wanted to snap a “smiley”/non-candid picture with my two children. Maddie cooperated per usual. That smile just gets me! And Tate cooperated per usual …



Your welcome for the picture overload today. Too many to choose from so you got them all. Sorry not sorry! Oh, and please make it to a fall festival this year. You won’t regret it!!


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