All week I have been completely nostalgic thinking about the past two years of Tate’s life. Time really has flown by and I am in awe every time I look at him (which is many, many times a day) with how big he is! I know all this sounds silly, but really, I can’t believe I have a two year old. And a part of me is freaking out because before I know it I will have a child in school, then a teenager, then a licensed driver, then a college-aged student, then a missionary, and then I will be a grandma!! Seriously! I am so not ready for all of that!! … over dramatic Casey is over (for now). Tate really is growing up to be a bright, energetic, cheerful, loveable little boy. We love being his parents and we love watching him learn and grow every day.

Saturday we hosted a small family birthday party for Tate (see here for my overcomplicated explanation for family-only). All week we had been asking Tate what he wanted for his birthday and his only response was, “cake, I need cake” or the intermittent response of “apple juice.” We must be seriously be depriving him of sugary treats! The party included plenty of yummy, sugary treats to appease my son’s inherited sweet tooth (sorry about that!!) and lots of family fun. To recap the party, I will now let the picture overload commence…


^^For the party I went with a Little Man theme with a blue and orange color palette. I ordered these invitations and loved them! I made chocolate mustaches on a stick (see below) made from these molds, ordered the most adorable bow tie cookies from this bakery, and shaped all the napkins into bow ties (see below and here). I had a slew of additional ideas I was planning on doing (see my Pinterest board) but I ran out of time (doesn’t that always happen!!) as I was also trying to piece my house together and unpack the last few boxes from our move just one month ago! All-in-all I was happy with the way things turned out and wouldn’t change a thing (or add anything!). It was the perfect party for our Little Man!!


^^Tate loves little marshmallows and so last minute I decided chocolate covered marshmallows needed to be included in the dessert spread. And I am loving that candy melts come in just about any color these days!


^^I wanted to have ‘happy kids’ for the party and so the party began at 3:30, directly following naps! Since it was in the middle of meals I choose light finger foods for the grub. These buttery ham sandwiches have become a staple at family events following their appearance at Tate’s first birthday party last year (see here for the yummy recipe – seriously check them out, they are the best!!). The rest of the menu included a veggie tray with a host of fresh vegetables from my Aunt’s garden, Chex mix and fruit kabobs and dip made from this recipe by my sweet mother-in-law. It was the perfect spread of food to hold us over between meals (it actually replaced dinner for me!) and not feel like my stomach was full of sugar from all the yummy desserts pictures above!


^^Bow tie napkins!! I can be creative and crafty sometimes!

IMG_6208PicMonkey Collage

^^This was the only card he read/looked at. It was the first present he opened and once he realized what was inside each of these fun bags (toys!!!) he had zero interest in a card.


PicMonkey Collage2IMG_6271IMG_6278

^^He got a remote-controlled car from his grandparents. I don’t know who loved the toy more – Tate or the men at the party driving it all throughout the house and then watching Tate chase it! Silly boys!! By the end of the evening, Tate had figured out how to control remote and was zooming it all throughout the house as he continued to chase it! What a fun toy!!


^^I think I have walked close to 50 miles since the party Saturday pulling this little man in his new wagon!! He loves his new ‘ride’ and thinks it is the coolest thing ever! Move over trucks, you may have been replaced as Tate’s favorite-est toy.


^^Tate was mildly confused as we all sang “Happy Birthday” to him. He just sat there quietly, not moving (which never happens!!) and watched each of us sing with the cutest smirk on his face. Check out this picture as he almost scorched his little lips off moments after this picture. 


We had so much fun celebrating our Little Man turning two! Most days I can’t believe I have a “two year old” and it basically makes me feel old. I love this guy so much and feel incredibly blessed to be his mama. Happy 2nd Birthday Tate!! We love you!!


And in cased you missed it…

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Happy Tuesday!!

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