Sometimes I hear people talking about how much they hate bloggers because all ‘they’ really “show” are the good pictures or talk about the amazing things their kids did or write about all the nutritious meals they are making or educational activities they are doing with their children. I promise you that is only a piece of their days’, and probably a very small piece.

We all have days were our kids stay in their pajamas until 4pm (or all day). We all have days when we serve our family macaroni and cheese, for the second day in a row. We all have days were our kids misbehave (and maybe even straight weeks of misbehaving!!). No one is perfect. As much as it may seem someone’s life is perfect on a screen, it is not. I promise you that.

On this blog of my mine, though, I like to primarily focus on the joys of life. That is me. That is just who I am. I like to think of myself as an overall positive person and so what else would you expect from this blog?

I love keeping up with this blog first as my personal family journal, but also to share some of my insights and stories with those that visit me here! I hope no one ever looks at this blog, though, and thinks things look “picture perfect” here – because they are not! I love my little family and our life and most days things are pretty joyful around her (I am mean I live in a first world country, I have endless amounts of food and water that I may want, I have a loving husband and beautiful kids – why would I not be joyful?), but just remember, a picture can only tell you so much.

I recently posted my all-time favorite, favorite picture of my little family on Instagram (HERE) and almost felt bad posting it as it definitely does not accurately display our “real life”. In the picture everyone is looking at the camera and everyone is smiling (a mighty miracle in and of itself!). For those looking at this picture (and not really knowing my children) it may seem my kids behave so well as they stay in our arms and smile simply at the camera all the time. But, what you don’t see from this one simple picture is this…

DSC_0082DSC_0088DSC_0087PicMonkey Collage3DSC_0091DSC_0094DSC_0096

Many outtakes, squirming, whining, and struggling! Oh, and I am tickling him and holding onto him with all my might so that he does not run away. The only tricks that work!

One simple picture can only tell so much. I sometimes struggle looking at Facebook pictures and statuses or friends Instagrams or reading blog posts. “Everyone seems to always have it together!” I frequently say to myself … or so it seems. Next time you see one of my pictures, or anyone else’s, remember a picture only gives a literal second (or less than that) into a person’s life. We all have joys and we all have struggles. On this blog I like to focus more on the joys of life than the struggles. But, know they are there and we are not perfect – by any means!


Love you all lots and thanks for following along on our journey here on this blog!!


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  1. Your family is adorable! I think more people need to throw positivity out onto the internet--I love the happy posts.



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