Saturday we took the kiddos to the zoo because it was the most gorgeous day ever and would have been a complete sin to stay locked up all day. All day, every day we read animal books with Tate and he has a ga-zillion animal magnets that we are constantly sorting and placing all over my refrigerator (yes, I am one of those people now with covered refrigerators!! I sworn I would never be one!) and so he is finally at that stage where he recognizes most animals and SHOUTS out what they are, constantly. It is quite funny to watch him and his excitement but also somewhat rewarding to know all the thousands of hours of reading books and pointing out pictures are beginning to sink in and pay off (patting my parenting self on the back right now).

We pulled into the Zoo parking lot to see every child jump out of their cars in their Halloween costumes. I guess it was ‘wear your costume to the zoo day’ and we totally missed the memo. Parenting Fail #1! And then, I guess Parenting Fail #2 is that I don’t even have their costumes yet for them to wear right now!! Boy are people on top of it these days!!

Once we all got over being dressed “normal” we walked into the Zoo and Tate’s eyes lit up. We have Zoo memberships, but it has been a couple of months since we have been. I love how places likes this are just magical for little kids. I love living through this little boy’s excitement for life and all that it offers.

And now, to show you some of our magical pictures…


^^I have no idea what his obsession is with this hat this week. He will not take it off. He literally has slept with it for 3 nights in a row. He went through a phase like this a few months ago and then got over his hat and wouldn’t wear it for months. Now it is his friend again. Rolling with it…


^^It is funny to start to see his personality shine as we dress him each day. He is beginning to insist on wearing certain items each day (i.e. his hat and rain boots are musts!!). I love these rain boots as they are helping him learn how to put his shoes on himself. Best investment!


^^We didn’t forget this little girl, though I can’t say she had as much fun as her big brother.


^^Hands down his favorite animal spotted were the flamingos!! He could have stood there all day shouting “MINGOS, MINGOS!!”

Funny story as I like to go off on tangents… We have a puzzle consisting of various animals we work on often and one of the animals is an ostrich. Whenever we would get to the ostrich Tate would always say (what I thought he would say) “MANGO.” I would say, “no buddy, that is an ostrich” to which his reply was “no, mango!” I would move on because, whatever. I later realized he was actually saying flamingo = mango = mingo (in toddler language) and an ostrich does sort of look like a flamingo in a one, skinny leg sort of way. Oh the fun of toddler talk! We have since learned what an ostrich is for those concerned.


^^Um, can peacocks harm a person? They let these beauties roam the zoo and it was literally inches away from us. It was absolutely beautiful and scary at the same time as I was not sure what it was capable of and my children had snacks they were eating!


^^Watching the polar bears swim. He talked about this part of the park all night! It is the cutest to hear him say “polar bears”!!


^^Could he be anymore studdly?!


And to leave you with two of my favorite pictures from the day taken with Geoff’s phone…


^^Pretty much sums of this kids life with little sister. She ruins everything!


^^But she is just so cute!! He really does love you Maddie.


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  1. Everyone is so cute! I know about your blog from Elisabeth (she's originally from my stake in NH:) but I just barely saw this on Pinterest and wasn't sure if you knew about it! Thought I'd show you in case you hadn't seen that you're famous;) (Look at #30)



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