It’s nap time and I wish it were bed time. Actually, I wished it was bed time the minute I stepped out of bed.

By 9 o’clock this morning I had already called Geoff twice asking what time he would be arriving home and welcoming the idea of an early day out with open arms. Not likely he said.

I decided to put on my big girl pants (actually I didn’t get dressed until noon) and move forward with the day. And this is how it went:

+ a wake-up call of one baby screeching at the top of her lungs. She has recently discovered the art of pulling herself up (7 months tomorrow!!) and likes to pull herself up in her crib but then gets stuck and cannot ‘plop’ herself back down. This results in screeches coming from her room often. All. Night. Long.


+ this also said screeching baby had a completely soiled diaper that had begun to wet her pajamas. Fantastic.

+ baby bath #1

+ my other child also decided to give me a wonderful gift of a COMPLETELY urine filled bed (I had to plug my nose and resist the urge from drive-heaving when I walked into his room. No more drinks before bed – or like after 3pm for that kid!!)

+ bath #2 … which resulted in him pooping in the bath. I won’t give further details. It was not fun.

I think by this point it was 9:30 and I had also changed 3 other dirty diapers, had my son wipe his snotty nose on my pant leg twice (we all have runny noses around here as well), I watched my laundry pile grow and grow and grow (to which I just starred at it), and listened to my usual happy baby cry and fuss all morning (the fun of a sick, tired baby).


^^Not taken today, obviously, but this is my usual happy little babe!

Oh, and let’s rewind 12 hours back to the moment I pulled into our driveway late last night to find my garage door open and all doors to our house unlocked. I was driving home from a church activity with the two babies in tow, HOURS after their bedtime, and Geoff was still at the church for a meeting. No one was (should have) been home. I had a moment of sheer panic, let my mind tell me there was for sure an intruder in our house and then completely freaked out! I called Geoff told him I was scared, walked into the house, quickly ran out, told him I would just drive around town for the next hour with the kids (hoping they would go to sleep) and meet him at home after his meeting to inspect the house together. Totally normal, right?! Right. Geoff called our good friend and neighbor who immediately ran down our street with a tomahawk (this is no lie), walked through the house with me, was majorly disappointed he did not have the opportunity to use his tomahawk (to which I was very grateful for) and then let us be. I know totally silly. Can we say slightly (or completely and utterly) dramatic!!

It’s just one of those days where I wish it would just end. I am exhausted. The kids are exhausted. The kids are exhausting me. It seems like this is never going to end.

But, over all my ‘wishing away’ moments this morning, I can’t seem to shake the story a dear, older and much wiser woman told last night at our women’s church activity. She told about a neighbor years ago questioning her as to why she let all the children run around in her yard when her kids were young. Her neighbor explained letting the children trek all over her yard she would never have any grass! This dear women explained that she may not have grass now, but there will be a day the grass comes back and the children are gone. I love this thought and perspective. What a wise woman and example! My house is rarely as clean as I want it to be, I usually have mounds of laundry to clean and/or fold, our yard is not as neat as we could have it, but one day things will be more orderly around here. And, when that day comes, the children will be gone.

FOR CASEY-0170FOR CASEY-0173FOR CASEY-0302PicMonkey Collage

^^These little people are my world.

Most of my days are long. Some days are hard. Some days are harder. But, all of my days are filled with lots of laughs, giggles and so much joy that comes from being around and loving my children. They may wipe their snot on me, they may be completely filthy and gross and covered in urine, they may never (ever) let me sit down or take a break (what is that?!), but I would not trade this time or these moments for anything because one day they will be gone. I am grateful for wonderful examples in my life and for this time I have now.


And, in case you missed it:

  • We visited a pumpkin patch in the most non-fall-like-weather, but still had fun!
  • I made these cookies again, and maybe another time too (but who’s counting!!).
  • Tonight I am relaxing from this LONG DAY and hoping to check off one of our fall date night ideas with my hubby!
  • This weekend we will be watching this. For activities to keep the kiddos busy and entertained, check out my ideas from last conference here.


I hope each of you have a wonderful weekend and remember that time really does go quickly so enjoy the moment now and live in the present, whatever that may be.


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  1. It's gets easier, I promise! We can do hard things, we don't think so, but we can! I have had many, many days like this!! Even babysitting for another family (when I too, had kids) when their kid pooped in the tub. I was horrified and it was not fun!! You will figure out your system, and when you finally do, another baby gets put into the mix and you think, oh man two kids was easy! When I had kids 3 and 4, John was working 120 hour weeks and I had to do it all on my own (I was the only one to get up with the kids at night, get kids to school, etc. I am not going to lie it was incredibly tough) We don't think we will survive, but we do and we are stronger for it! You've got this, I know you do!!



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