One of my dear, dear friends is expecting her first child mid-January and I don’t think I could be any more excited for her and this new chapter in her life. To my friend (or anyone expecting their first child), I would write:

Expecting my first child was so scary, nerve wracking and gave me high anxiety. Kids change things. They just do. It will be years before you sleep in until noon ever again. You cannot just leave your house for a quick errand (those don’t exist anymore). Your floors will never be clean for more than 10 minutes and your windows and doors will always have smears and smudges on them.

But, amidst all the changes and scary unknowns with having your first child, I promise you will never experience joy and love for a person you just met when you meet your little baby. Being a parent is hard – from the beginning and I hear it doesn’t get any easier as they get older – but the reward and joy that comes from this sacred calling is worth all the scariness and anxiety it creates. My children are my light. They are what keeps me sane and insane (and that’s okay) all the same time. They make me smile and laugh when things are hard. I love my children and I am so thrilled to watch this beautiful couple bring another child of God into this world. What incredible parents they will be and what a lucky little boy to have them as parents!!


I am always up for hosting a good party, especially for an occasion such as this!! We are all so excited for Baby Boy Gringeri to arrive shortly after the holidays and with this past weekend possibility being their last trip to Cincinnati prior to his arrival we needed to squeeze in a shower for the mama-to-be!!


^^The house is beginning to come together. There are still many holes and places left for finishing touches, but it is a progressing work in progress. I’ll take that.


^^I will take any excuse to have my house filled with beautiful hydrangeas!!


^^When I throw a party I like to keep things simple. For this party I did not have any extravagant decorations. I placed a few vases of flowers throughout the house and added little detailed touches such as this throughout. Just tie some twine around the napkins and simple elegance can be created.

DSC_0221DSC_0283PicMonkey Collage4DSC_0288DSC_0193DSC_0200

^^Pictures like this make me baby hungry. Just stop now.


^^Almost identical picture of the three of us here (except I was the pregnant one).


^^This is what each of our faces looked like the entire time she opened gifts. Baby clothes are just so darn cute!


^^And much thanks to this girl for taking all the pictures!!


I love this girl and baby boy so much!! Hurry up January already!

For more pictures from the surprise baby shower she threw for me last January see here or here.


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