Every parent says time flies when watching their child grow, but seriously… how can Maddie, my little baby, be 8 months already!! I know I am late on the monthly update (like 2 months and a few days late since that was the last update!!), but here you go for her latest and greatest!!


In the past two months she has had two major growth spurts! I thought I was being a responsible, forward thinking parent purchasing winter clothes for my kids weeks before the cold weather actually arrived and then they both decided to have growth spurts before the temps even dropped!! And I even purchased all their clothes one size up! I guess I will have to go shopping again…


^^Do you see her pearly whites popping through?! We have 1 and 2 halves!!

This girl does. not. stop. Ever. Everyone always made (and they still do) a comment on how busy Tate was/is. He has always been a busy kid, but his little sister really gives him a run for his money!! She started crawling at 5 months, mastered the stairs (with a parent behind!) by 6 1/2 months and since then has been climbing and walking with assistant nonstop. Each week she makes noticeable progress to make me think we may have a full-on walker by the end of the year (no!! not ready!!).


Anyone that meets Maddie comments on how happy she is. She is such a light and radiates that light everywhere she goes. She is always smiling and laughing. The person that can get her to belly laugh the hardest, though, is her big brother. She just adores him and follows him around everywhere (to which he tolerates, sometimes, well). At times I think my heart may burst into a million pieces watching the two of them “play.”


We love you Maddie girl! You are such a light and we love having you in our forever family. Please continue to grow, but a little slower.


And in case you missed my sporadic monthly updates of my second child (child number 3 will be lucky to have a yearly update!!), see below…

**Sorry month 1, 4, 5 and 7 … life got the best of me!! At least I am at a 50% rate at this point, right?!


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