On Sunday we said a sad goodbye to my parents as they headed back to their home in sunny Florida (not jealous at all). We got to spend 10 lucky days with them in our home and the time couldn’t have flown by any faster!! We spent the week visiting with other family members that stopped by our house, made a one-day trek up to Cleveland to visit more family, visited museums and parks, played more games than I can count and ate way too much food. I could spend 3-4 posts downloading pictures from their trip, but I will try and consolidate it into one (extra long) post. Enjoy the mostly grainy iPhone pictures (the week was just too busy to pull out the “real” camera!).

PicMonkey Collage

^^ My mother did not enjoy her time with the grandkids at all .

PicMonkey Collage2PicMonkey Collage3PicMonkey Collage4PicMonkey Collage5PicMonkey Collage6IMG_7594

^^(don’t mind my completely pale skin. my parents do live in Florida year-round!)

Thanks for visiting us and for the helping hands all week!! I love these three so much and am so glad to call them my family. See you in a few weeks!!


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