Christmas has been in full swing for us the past few weeks and so any posting here has, well they haven't happened. From co-leading decorations for our church Christmas party of 300 people to trying to have all gifts purchased, wrapped and delivered a week prior to the big day (traveling problems!!) to making over 10 dozen cookies all in one day (today actually!!), things have been a little busy over here. But, it is all has been a good, cheerful, festive kind of busy!! 

Since our family will be out of town on and around Christmas, we celebrated early with my extended family this past Saturday. My aunt in Columbus is the center for most of us and also does the most fabulous job hosting everyone, so I don't think there was any question where we were celebrating when we organized the day. 

^^The day revolved around the usually games (minus Monopoly by my pleading and begging!! does anyone really like that game?!).
^^One of my favorites of these two! They are probably the most photogenic couple out there! And congrats to Kelcey on her graduation the following day :)
^^This little one is exhausting lately. She NEVER. STOPS. EVER. And now that she has learned to stand on her own that is all she wants to do. Which results in lots of tumbles and falls all day and then lots of mommy snuggles (I like the latter better). 
^^He most definitely has the unwrapping part down this year!!
^^Tate may have been a little obsessed with the dogs. He loves to cuddle up with them and snuggle. My cousins dogs are so good with him!
^^I love how much my little brother adores my kids!! We get to spend two weeks with him and my parents in Florida next week and I am basically counting down the hours until we are all together! 
^^The spread...

'O, Christmas tree... 

We had the most special day as we were surrounded by family and loved ones, celebrating the birth of our Savior. I hope as we gather during this holiday season that we most definitely enjoy time together, eat yummy food, give and receive fun gifts, but I also hope we remember, reflect and are grateful for the reason we are celebrating. 

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