For the first few weeks months of Maddie's life Tate basically ignored here. Completely. She was not someone he wanted around every waking moment of his day and so she just didn't exist for him. He never was mean to her. She just basically sat there and made noises or cries and was not any fun for him so zero attention she received from him.

Lately life has changed around here, though. For everyone. Now that Maddie is more mobile (or entirely mobile!) and vocal, Tate has decided he needs to tell her all the things she is and is not allowed to do. Actually, let's rephrase that... Tate only tells her the things she is NOT allowed to do. All day I hear "nooo Maddie" "Maddie stop" "no screeaaming Maddie". He has basically been promoted from big brother to big mama bear! Sometimes his commands are helpful I will say as she chews on the blinds or is climbing up the stairs, but other times it is only to protect his fortress of toys he is building or line of cars ready to take off on yet a race. Either way, he has definitely decided that he is the big brother and she is the little baby.

It really has been fun to see the two of them begin to develop a relationship, a special sibling bond, though. Maddie just adores Tate and will give him the best, belly laugh she has when he does decide to play with her (which usually involves wrestling with her). Some days (most days) I think I am crazy for having them so close together, but it is already so fun to watch them grow together.

And now for a random dump of photos of the little big guy because there are too many cute ones from my phone (mostly) not to share!!

And, my heart just melted.

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