We have spent the past week in 'paradise' (as my husband refers to it) as we celebrated Christmas at my parents in sunny Florida! Two years ago my parents moved from being 2 hours from our house to now 14+ hours and though it was sad when they made the move it makes traveling "home" so much more fun!! They live in one of the largest golf retirement communities, hence the reference as "paradise" from my former golf pro husband! It is pretty close to paradise, though, as there are so many things to do for the family and kids, and it has my amazing parents that cook, clean and maybe also do our laundry for us while we visit! They are pretty close to perfection.

Just a bit from one of our nights at the town square (many more pictures to come later this week):

^^We were highly disappointed the turtles were not out this evening, but the sea gulls made up in the entertainment department for this little boy.
^^He just loves these two!!
^^We have had some amazing highs with this kid and horrible lows during this trip! With going to bed at least 2 hours past his normal bedtime every night and naps cut short, the crankiness and whiny voice has come out quite a bit! But, how can you not just love that cute smile?!
^^ Every night the town square has music from 5-9pm. Let's just say the music park (and maybe also the ice cream part) were a hit with this little boy!

Again, we are not having any fun. None whatsoever. The weather is horrible, the company is even worse and we are counting down the days to go home :)

For more updates from our trip to paradise, check out my Instagram - here.

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