As each year comes to a close we all like to reflect on the the past year, the highs and lows and everything in between. We like to count our blessings and remember the things we are most grateful for. We make new resolutions and commitments with ourselves to be better, do more, and to become our best selves in the next year.

Over the past couple of days I have been reviewing my blog archives from 2014. It has sparked some incredible memories and many smiles as I have reflected on the wonderful moments our family has had this past year. I hope 2015 is ready to live up to the this past year!

Some of our families highlights and pictures from 2014:

In January, I organized a maternity photo shoot with my dear friend. I was extremely pregnant and barely recognize my HUGE self in these photos!! (Maternity Photo Shoot post) They were even featured in BuzzFeed - check out #30!!

And then when Maddie decided to arrive 9 days PAST her due date, we did another maternity photo shoot! (Past Due Maternity Photo Shoot post)

How amazing are my friends?! They threw me a surprise baby shower before baby girl's arrival. I seriously have the best friends. (Surprise Baby Shower post)

On March 4, Madelyn Elizabeth Stevens made her arrival and has brought so much joy and so many smiles to our family. (Maddie's first photo post) and (Maddie's birth story post) and (Maddie's Newborn photo shoot post) ... we kind of love her!!

Road Trips:

We took two road trips up to Cleveland to visit family in May and for the annual Pieorgi Fest in September. (Our May trip post) and (Our September trip post) 

We also survived a road trip to North Carolina for the fourth of July to visit Geoff's family. (Our North Carolina trip post) Traveling 10+ hours with two babies under two years is no easy feat. I blogged about that too here (We are not a road trip family post)

We made our way down to Florida to visit my parents in the Spring and for Christmas. It is basically our second home and we are perfectly okay with it (I think my parents don't mind either!). (Spring trip post) and (Christmas trip post)

Many trips to Columbus and Dayton were made to visit friends and family. We are incredibly blessed to live close to so many loved ones. (One of our many trips post)

Just a small detail from our past year, but we bought a house!! (New house post)

Another big accomplishment achieved this past year: Geoff received his MBA! I am not sure who was more excited - Geoff to be done with school for forever or me to finally have him around more! A thrilling moment had by all. (A post on how we survived the commencement ceremony with the kids)

Tate turned TWO (Tate's two year update post)...

... and Maddie grew way too fast. (Maddie's eight month update post) 

Geoff and I went out on a lot of hot dates (Date night post)...

... and also took the kids out with us for many fun weekend activities. (Trip to the park post) and (Trip to Newport post) and (Trip to the pumpkin patch post) and (Trip to the zoo post)

Overall I would say I had a fantastic year with this crazy crew! We hit quite a few big milestones (i.e. added family members to our family, added credentials after our name, added debt in the form of a mortgage to our name). There is nothing I would change about this past year and the people I spent it with. I look forward to 2015 with open arms . 

Oh how I love these three... :)

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