Last week is definitely in the running for one of the longest weeks of my life (I wish there was a bit of sarcasm here ... none though). Geoff left for his annual regional conference early Thursday morning and Tate immediately came down with his annual-daddy-is-out-of-town-flu. Literally, Geoff walked out the door at 8am and Tate was puking in his bed by 11am. This joyful activity filtered through everyone in the house (Maddie and myself) for the next 2 days of Geoff's absence and everyone felt better by Saturday afternoon just in time for Geoff's grand arrival home late that evening. 

I tried not to complain too much to Geoff while he was gone as I know he really enjoys this trip and didn't want to completely ruin it with all the "fun" we were having back home, but you better believe I turned the reins over to Geoff all day Sunday! I gave him the idea to build a fun pillow fort with the kids, pop some Pop Secret popcorn (click on the link for a coupon!!), throw on a movie (Planes of course! do we really watch any other movie in this house?!) and snuggle up with the kids. Easy enough and so he happily obliged (and because he is a great guy like that!). 

^^I promise he was very excited about the fort and movie with the Dad. He just isn't thrilled about the ridiculous amount of pictures his mother insists on taking (no apologies here, though).
I grew up on popcorn. Like my mother would pop a bag a day (at least!!). It was an easy snack to make and few calories relative to the handfuls you are shoving in your mouth at one time. Now that I have children and a busy household to run, I find myself popping more and more bags of popcorn to curb my hunger and snack fix. I have a sweet tooth (surprise, surprise to anyone?) and so kettle corn anything is my absolutely favorite. But, who can really resist movie theater butter popcorn (or really anything butter). I love the variety Pop Secret has and it was hard choosing which box to purchase for the Daddy afternoon hangout, which is why I may have purchase a box of each variety (shhh, don't tell anyone). 

Many thanks to Pop Secret for sponsoring today's story and encouraging us to build a pillow fort with  our family! And many thanks to my answered prayers for returning my family together and everyone back to their happy, healthy state!

AND, be sure to head over to the Pop Secret Facebook page where you can download a coupon to save $1 on your perfect pillow fort, movie night popcorn. Enjoy your snacking and happy building! #PopSecretsForts

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