Every year we pack up our family and head to Florida for the holidays. Some times it is hard being away from home during such a magical time of the year but as soon as we step off the plane and onto warm, sunny Florida land any feelings of missing home are wiped away. Completely. And then my mom and dad pick us up and it truly turns into the most wonderful time of the year. There really is no other place I would rather be during the holidays than with family and in this beautiful, warm weather.

It truly was been a wonderful couple of weeks here and far too many pictures have been taken (would you expect anything less?). Here are a few snapshots of our magical Christmas in Florida (don't mind the mostly grainy, blurry iPhone photos):

^^My parents live in a golf cart friendly community with golf cart lanes on every street. It is a different world down here, but oh so fun!! This was the first time I let Tate go in the cart and he loved going up and down my parents little street. 
^^We seriously have the happiest baby!! She is constantly smiling and has the most contagious smile that will just melt your heart.
^^Swimming in December, I'll take it!!
^^ Vacationing at grandparents means free babysitting and lots of date nights after the kids go to bed! Bless my parents for all they did for us this week.
^^The week also included lots and lots of treats for the little man!! I think he has been on a sugar high all week. 
I want to make sure we always keep the focus of Christmas on giving more than receiving. On Christmas Eve we took the kids to a nursing home to pass out small treats and candy canes to the residents. Tate had so much fun shouting "Merry Christmas!!" to everyone he saw and it was the perfect little tradition to begin while our children are so young and beginning to understand the meaning of service. 
^^Love that one front tooth smile!!
^^A blurry picture but I love it!! This girl makes me so happy and brings so much joy to our lives. 
^^My mom and I had plans to make cinnamon rolls Christmas Eve night for the next morning, but then life hit us and we got too tired to bake. So, impromptu reindeer pancakes it was for Christmas morning breakfast!! 
^^The kids favorite gift this year was Mr. Potatohead, specifically his tiny glasses. It was a big hit!
^^Girls spa day! 
^^Tate can not get enough Daddy time this week! Every time Geoff leaves the room you hear "where did Daddy go." I am perfectly okay taking the backseat this week as I see how much love this little boy has for his Dad. 

Everyone always says there is nothing like being home for the holidays. I am pretty sure those people never spent the holidays in sunny Florida in my parents home! It is quite amazing and I wouldn't want to be anywhere else. It truly is best place to be during the most wonderful time of the year.

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