January is a hard month for me. My life is basically filled with cold weather, depression as the holiday excitement wears off and a long, never-ending New Year's resolution list starring me right in the face. My motivation levels usually plummet around the middle of the month and stay steady for the rest of winter (not a hint of drama coming from me!).

As a result, the family and I have had little excitement entered our lives this month (see lots of excitement here and here from our vacation last month - take me back!), but I wanted to take the time to document and capture some of the moments we have had through this tortuous month called January.

^^This girl and that smile just melt me. Her spunky, sassy and independent personality are shining through these days and boy does her brother wish she was the little, tiny infant that sat in her swing all day and didn't steal his toys. 
^^I probably shouldn't laugh at this picture but her face and his expression. Too much.

This is basically how I feel every day of this most horrible month. Please Mother Nature, for my sanity, make it warmer and brighter for me and my children to go to the park at least 2 days a week. Is that too much to ask for?! Thank you in advance.

I hope we all survive...

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