This past Saturday was my little brothers birthday and all he wanted for his special day was to hang out with his niece and nephew (his words, not mine). How awesome is he?! I could not ask for a better uncle for my kids and I am so glad he let Geoff and I also tag along for the day so we could all spend time together.
My aunt lives in Columbus which is the half-way point between my brother and I and so that is where our adventures took place. We talked about going to the museum or hitting up the mall together, but we finally settled on a nice morning and afternoon at my aunt's house playing games and eating her delicious cooking. It was the perfect way to spend an afternoon together as family celebrating this guy!!
We pulled out some 'classic' board games like Guess Who? I know what is going on my Christmas list for next year! We had a little tournament going on between all the "kids" (big kids) and boy did it bring back fun memories. 
This little boy is crazy about his uncle. Every day, almost all day, Tate asks to "talk Uncle Josh" on FaceTime. He loves to show him his trucks and how to flies his airplanes and then blow him kisses. He is my brothers biggest fan and thinks the world of him. I would have to agree that he is a pretty good uncle!
Pictures of this little girl are killing me these days!! I still feel like she should be a small infant, cuddled up in my arms but she is going to be a year in one month. How is that even possible?!
 These kids love their uncle!!

Thank you Josh and Kelcey for driving down to visit with us and for my wonderful aunt in hosting all of us and our crazy crew!! Happy birthday Josh! I hope it is the best year yet. And, thank you for being an amazing uncle to my two cute, little ones. We all love you!

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