Isn't the saying, 'when life throws you lemons, make lemonade'? Well, today I am drinking a lot of lemonade! While the kids are napping, I wanted to take the time to get my thoughts written as I have so many emotions and lessons learned today that I just don't want to forget.

Where do I even begin. 

Let's start at Monday of this week.

We got a dump of snow Monday afternoon, below freezing temps occurred all week, and by Wednesday the kids and I were getting some serious cabin fever! Late Thursday night, on an impulse I purchased tickets to Florida for the kids and I leaving Saturday (as in 36 hours later!!) because we just needed to escape. After I clicked "purchase," I took a deep breath and decided I could survive Friday with the dream/soon reality that I would be sitting in 80 degree weather, by a pool in no time!! Things were looking up.

Fast forward to Saturday, and this mess.

Friday night decided to gift Cincinnati with another 6+ inches of snow and the snow crew in the entire city decided to sleep in!! Seriously, the roads were horrible. Geoff kept saying it was"the worst I've ever driven in" as he plugged along to get us to the airport. I felt so terrible but even more desperate to leave!!

When we left our neighborhood had literally not be touched or driven on by any other drivers. The outside roads also had not been touched, but at least driven on by a handful of drivers. Not terrible, but not good. 

Then the entrance ramp to the interstate... (see above picture) ... teeny, tiny little car with a young teenage girl (not trying to stereotype here) was stuck and not going anywhere. Geoff and another man had to get out and push and help navigate her on how to get out. This was all in our first 5 minutes of driving.

Things were progressing as we were driving along. You had the occasional 10 mph driver and the 55 mph semi-truck passing you, but for the most part we felt safe and were making great progress on our way way to Florida. That was until we made it downtown and everything came to a complete halt. I have the most positive husband and he kept constantly saying, "oh, this will be cleared in no time" or "we have plenty of time!" All while I am constantly thinking 'we are doomed!!!' Now, we left ridiculously early (3 and half hours to be exact when it takes roughly 30 minutes to get to the airport) and so when we first were stuck in traffic we really did have plenty of time until our flight's departure.

Fast forward TWO HOURS LATER!!!
You just can't make this stuff up!! We literally sat behind that beautiful semi-truck for two hours due to the entire interstate shutting down for a "severe accident." By this time we had 20 minutes until take-off and even Geoff had a dismal outlook on our flight potential.

After what nearly felt like an eternity sitting in a car with two kids, for two hours, draining our phone batteries trying to figure out what was going on and what our options were, we finally started moving!! Once we began moving, we were booking it!! Our flight status had just changed to "delayed" (first time I cheered out loud for a flight delay!) by 10 minutes. Maybe, just maybe we could make it. I decided we were going to try but there was no way we could do it with a checked bag. I quickly stuffed one outfit for each kid and myself, my contacts and a fresh pair of underwear into my backpack and decided we were just going to do this!!

We pull up to the airport, jump out, toss the kids into the stroller and race into the airport. I was going to run up to the check-in desk to alert them I am there and to "hold the place" (totally like in the movies!!) to find a line of people trying to do the same thing. I check my phone. I look at the line. There's no way we are going to make it. Reality sinks in and I literally hold back the tears. I finally make it to the check-in desk to find out there are literally a herd of people in my same situation. There is no way we are going to make the flight today, but the airline did offer each of us the option of a later flight (for a fee of course) due to the snow emergency. We take the option. I call Geoff to come and pick us back up and we head home.

It was a hard day. Mentally, emotional, spiritually (lots of prayers were said!) and physically. I wanted so badly to get to Florida today. I was so excited to see my parents and feel the warmth on my skin. I just purchased new swim suits for each of us and couldn't wait to jump into the pool. I was disappointed on so many levels.

We make the drive home to find even more snow had piled up at our house. By this time nearly 8-9 inches had fallen and it wasn't letting up anytime soon. We walk into the house with no remaining plans for the day. I first think that I could (want to) sit around all day and sulk. Sulk about how I am stuck in this frozen tundra for one more day. Sulk about how tired I am from all the craziness that ensued already today. Instead, though, we decided to make an adventure out of the day (well, it was already quite an adventure ... so continue the adventure). We had a full Saturday afternoon with no plans individually, we were all together as a family and so we were going to take the time to make family memories. And so why not in the freshly, fallen snow!!
We spent the next couple of hours playing in the snow, sledding in the snow, building snowmen in the snow and making wonderful memories in the snow. The snow kept us from Florida. We could sulk and be sad all day about the terrible, horrible, no good, very bad snow that we were throw or we could make fun out of it. I am sad we didn't make it to Florida today, but I am grateful for the extra day and time I was able to spend with my little family. I am so incredibly grateful for my husband and his optimistic, positive outlook on everything. I am grateful he has slowly rubbed off on me and helps me look at the bright side, even when it seems there is not a bright side of the situation (even though there always is). Though I totally wanted to stomp on and get rid of the "lemons" that were thrown at us today, I am grateful we made fun "lemonade" out of them (totally cliche I know, but so very true!!).

Here are a few photos from our bright side today :)

Snow storm today, 80 degrees tomorrow. Yes, please!!

Oh, and I told Geoff I am spending the night at the airport tonight to make sure we don't miss our flight tomorrow (it doesn't leave until 4pm - dramatic?! No way!!). Wish us luck!!

So, what did you do with your snow day? Make lemonade???

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  1. we have had to learn this lesson the hard way as well...lesson is...never go 75 to airport, take 471 to 275



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