If you follow me on Instagram you are aware that last week was filled with lots and lots of sickness spreading all throughout my house. Maddie had a fever that lasted 3 days and the rest of us were not all-stars for any part of the week either. Friday started looking up for all of us and Tate and I even went out on a little Mommy-son date night!! I was so excited for Saturday, Valentine's Day, and all that we had planned.

To start our Valentine's day we planned a fun Valentine's breakfast with the kids, followed by a drive up to Columbus in our new van!! and a date afternoon with my amazing husband including lunch and the temple. Sounds as close to perfection as I can think of. Well... Saturday morning was the most beautiful morning outside but inside it was filled with a fever and tears for our little guy. Instead of a fun family morning with pink pancakes followed by a romantic afternoon with my husband, our day was filled with lots of snuggles, movies and sleep.

The pictures below were taken a couple of days prior to our Valentine's Day filled with sickness...

^^This little boy has the sweetest personality. He is so concerned about his "baby sister" all day, making sure she always has a toy to play with and feels included. He kisses all his stuffed animals good night before bed and jumps out of bed every morning screaming for "Maddie!! Where are you?!" It is the cutest thing. 

^^That little mischievous smile!!

^^This little girl is turning into quite a beauty these days. She has a spunky personality, lets you know when she frustrated (literally makes a fist with both hands and screams at you!), but when she is not frustrated she is smiling - All.The.Time!! She is definitely going to be my adventurous one as she loves to climb on top of anything and those stairs are her favorite jungle jim!

This is more of what our Valentine's Day looked like....... snuggles in bed with lots of books!! I am perfectly okay with that; minus the cold!!

I hope each of you had a wonderful, fun, loving Valentine's Day spent with those you cherish the most!!

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