Over the past month I feel like I have added at a minimum 5 years to my age. I keep looking for my AARP card in the mail because I feel like I am not far from it! For starters, I have been in a desperate need for new jeans. Let's just say (hypothetically speaking), I haven't purchased a new pair since Maddie was born (that has almost been a year now) because 'I just know I will fit back into those jeans one day.' Well, it's been a year now and I still can't fit back into my skinny jeans and I don't think that day will be coming anytime soon (or ever). I was completely dreading the process because I had no idea what new size I was and the thought of trying on jeans made me ... well, not do it for a year! Anyway, I am happy to say the process wasn't as painful as I imagined and I actually came out of it with some awesome, comfortable jeans. WAIT A MINUTE. Did I just say "comfortable"? I totally felt like a mom when I was shopping because the only thing that was running through my mind when I was trying on the jeans was comfort. What? When have I ever done that? It has always been about the style, the look, the trend. Comfort ranked so very low on the list!  But these days, let's be honest, all I really care about is comfort. Gasp! I have officially entered motherhood...

Moving onto the next thing that has been adding decades to my life. Wait for it ... we purchased a mini van!

I was totally one of those people that swore up and down, "I am NEVER going to own a van. Never!" Well, I am happy to say I am for sure eating those words now. I really don't know how to explain it, but the second after we purchased our van I felt older, as if I jumped from one social group (the young mom group) to a new grouping (that should remain nameless). I am absolutely in love with our van and all the space and features for families. I just may have to turn away whenever I am driving by a building lined with windows where I can see my reflection and catch a glimpse of the vehicle I am driving. Cue another gasp!

How is this baby walking? I am pretty sure she is only 4 months, maybe 5, last time I checked. I know everyone says time flies so much faster with baby #2, 3, etc. but BOY did it fly by! I sure am not old enough to have two toddlers running around my house. When did this happen?!

Last but not least, Geoff and I went on a hot date last Saturday. We were planning on a romantic dinner and movie night. While we were at dinner, though, we decided a movie would be too late, we were too tired and there  really was nothing good out we wanted to see. So, we ended up shopping .. at Wal-Mart. Classy, I know. What has happened to our lives that we end our dates at Wal-Mart shopping for groceries and new iron?! 

Though life seems to be speeding at a ridiculous speed these days and I just seem to be getting older and older, I truly do love everything about my life. Most days are crazy and complete chaos with the circus I am trying to train, but I wouldn't trade them or any part of my life for anything. Here's too comfortable, "mom" pants, a "sporty", new van, kids growing like weeds, hot Wal-Mart dates with my favorite man and adding years to my age. I really wouldn't want anything else!


  1. I'd love to know where you found your comfy jeans because I'm still looking! Thanks for keeping it real!

  2. I found the BEST jeans at Banana Republic. I had never purchased jeans there before, but definitely worth the price tag!! They hug your body in all the right places and not in the wrong ones (if you know what I mean) and they are stretchy!! I have been tempted all week to go and purchase 2 more exact pairs!! Good luck with your search :)

    1. Awesome! I've never tried there either so definitely will next time. Thank you!



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