We finally made it! To make a long story short (check out the full version HERE), the kids and I had a flight out of snowy Cincinnati to sunny Florida Saturday morning but we missed the flight (cue 'awwww')! After a dramatic, eventful couple of days, we finally made it late, late Sunday night and we couldn't be happier. It is sunny and 80 degrees here, we have Meme and Grandpa all to ourselves and no schedules, appointments or obligations all week!! The only thing that would make this week better would be if Geoff were with us because we miss him like crazy but we are having a fantastic time as we are turning into regular snowbirds!

Things I am especially grateful for this week:
  • The man I am lucky enough to call my husband and letting the kids and I jet off to sunny Florida without him. If any of you know my husband you know he LOVES coming to my parents house. They live in a golf retirement community with over 30 golf courses in their neighborhood. He calls it "paradise" and asks me about every other week when we can go visit next. It was a huge sacrifice for him to stay home and work while we jet off to "paradise." Thank you, thank you, thank you!!
  • I am so grateful for amazing parents that love and play with my children so that I can have a little time to myself on this time away from home. They are the best grandparents and it is so fun to see the relationships they are building with my children and the bond they have with them. No one can replace the love felt from grandparents!
  • Last week it occurred to me that in a few years I will not have the opportunity to just pack up my little family and jet off to Florida (or wherever) whenever we want. We will have school, probably more little ones running around the house and more activities or extracurriculars tying us down that will make it harder and harder to just leave. I am grateful for that realization that helped me make the very quick decision that we need to take the time now to travel as a little, young family because it will just be more difficult (or nearly impossible) in the very near future. I think more trips are in our future??!!
  • I am so grateful for warmer weather. People felt so sad for me when they heard my parents were moving from Ohio, just two hours away from where we lived, to Florida, nearly 15 hours away!! They thought we would now never see my parents and my children would never know their grandchildren. That couldn't be further from the truth. We have been lucky enough to visit my parents in Florida 7 times in the past two years, with a couple of visits from them to our home in Ohio! And think, now when we visit my parents we get to go to sunny Florida versus bitter, cold Ohio. I would say this has been one of the best decisions my parents ever made!!
  • My children. It is tough traveling with kids, especially alone, but they have been troopers. Amazing troopers!! I love these two little ones I get to call my babies and love spending my days with them.
And a few moments not to be forgotten from our trip thus far... (sorry for the mix of extra grainy pics. that's what happens when you are juggling two kids and trying to snap pictures = lots of iPhone pics!!)

It was the loooongest day ever in the airport, with delays, delays and more delays (the flight attendant even came on the loud speaker at one point and said, "I would advise you to all to go and get dinner and relax for a few hours...!" Never a good sign.) but these two were awesome!! We have flown with them a lot, but never both of them by myself. I was a little nervous how I was going to juggle this circus act on the plane alone, but they were awesome! Now let's just pray the return flight is just as good. 
How can you not resist?! Oh, to be a kid again and just jump in every puddle that you see without even blinking an eye. To live in a kids shoes just one day would be so refreshing, right?
How is it that this baby will be one in a week!!! I am pretty sure I just blinked and a year flew by. Anyone else feel that way?!
 We even caught the annual Strawberry Festival one afternoon. Clowns, dancing, games, strawberries and candy galore - what more could a kid ask for?!
I think we left Ohio with a beginner walker and will be returning with a pro!! Every day she takes more and more steps. It so fun to see the excitement she gets after taking a few simple steps. This week I have been highly emotional as I think one year ago I was praying begging Heavenly Father to get her out of me so that I could meet my tiny, precious baby girl!!

I am also so grateful to my parents for welcoming me and my circus anytime!! And... for letting me extend our trip by A WEEK. I looked at Ohio's weather for next week and compared to Florida and determined we were not returning until it is above freezing temps. We may never come home... 

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