Spring has officially arrived here in Cincinnati and I am singing "Hallelujah" all the day long! Yesterday was a busy day of errands, play dates and photo shoots and I just didn't see how fitting in the park was going to happen. I pulled in the driveway at 3:00pm with kids that had not yet napped for the day and were completely exhausted. I realized I had a couple of options: (1) try and lay them down for naps (though it would be a long shot that they would actually fall asleep 2+ hours after their naps) or (2) deal with whiney kids all afternoon because they were completely spent. I decided to go with option #3 and back out of our driveway and head to the park!! Why not?! It was the most beautiful, 65 degree day with the sun brightly shining. It was almost a sin to not be outside all afternoon with the kids. I wasn't completely sure how my no-nappers would be at the park, but look at the face...

... I would say everyone thoroughly enjoyed it and we may have had tears (of sadness and sweat from running around so much!) as we were leaving the park.
When did I ever say it was okay to grow this big?! This little big man is looking more and more like a KID these days. It makes me excited to watch him grow into such an intelligent, lovable, caring little boy but sad as I want him to be my little baby forever. Mom problems!
She is not a sit-on-the-sidelines kind of girl. Within minutes of watching her brother climb around on the playground she was screaming to get out.

Welcome Spring!! We are glad you are here and hope you decide to stick around for a very long time (or for forever!).

Check out some of my favorite park IG photos from last year HEREHERE and HERE.

Oh, and in case you missed it:

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Happy weekend and I hope Spring has arrived wherever you are!!

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