Every time I visit my parents I get sick. Every. Time. {remember THIS} I get so excited to see my parents, have special one-on-one time with them, be a fun mom with my kids as we explore Meme and Grandpa's house --- and then BAM! Every time I get hit with some 'bug' (or rupture my ear drum, no biggie) and I am out for most of the trip.

This trip was no exception and stuck to it's usual tradition. Around the second day we arrived I began feeling achy, my sinuses were all congested and my energy level was shot. For the first few days I just sucked it up because hey, I'm in Florida!! I didn't come all this way to be sick and so I just ignored all my symptoms and thought they would go away. Well, after a few days of ignoring them, they just got louder and more annoying. I finally was put on an antibiotic. As they usually do, things got worse before they got better. The day after starting on some medicine was the hardest but after that each day has been better with feeling almost 100% at this point.

Even though part most of my trip was ridden with sickness, I just kept thinking to myself, 'I could be sick in Florida or sick in Ohio. Which do you choose?' I think that is an easy answer! I am grateful for the time I have had to escape the cold and become a snow bird for a couple of weeks. I think I foresee this same scenario (minus the sickness!) many more time in my (near) future.

Here are a few moments not to be forgotten from our trip (get ready for some grainy iPhone pictures. Do you know how hard it is to take pictures with two kids running around?!). Though I didn't always feel well, these kids made me smile and laugh all day. Just look at them - how cute are they?!

We even got to stop by one of Grandpa's wrestling matches!! Tate got to sit by the best coach there is! 
My husband does not believe me, but I seriously found him in the bedroom like this. I had Maddie's tutu sitting on the dresser and the next thing I know he is wearing it! It was too funny to not take a picture and then not post it!
We ventured down to Tampa for a day to visit cousins we have living there. They took us to the aquarium and awesome splash pad they have. The kids all had a blast!!

Below... we must have been entering the shark tank. We are going through an "I'm scared..." phase and that was most definitely the top phrase going through the aquarium. My little cautious kid he is!

These two are my world.

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