To me birthday's are big deal. Like a big deal. Someone people don't like to make a big fuss over them, but I love having a day to celebrate the past year of my life or someone else's life and then look to the exciting things we hope to accomplish in the coming year. And, let's also be honest, who doesn't love having a day all about them?! And let's not forget, cake and cupcakes and ice cream galore ... !! 

One of my dear friends turned 30 this weekend and we decided a simple dinner out with the girls wouldn't suffice for a 30 year birthday party! And so, a few of my friends and I planned a surprise girls night that included a fancy dinner downtown, an overnight hotel slumber party, room service that delivers warm, cuddly robes and waking up to no children and breakfast in bed. I mean, does it really get any better?!

I am probably the worse person with surprises. I hate receiving anything that is a surprise and I especially hate planning/giving a surprise because I have the hardest time holding it in! Like the hardest time!! It was so fun, though, planning this special night and the look on Joni's face when we arrived was the best! Her husband told her the two of them were going out on a date and to be ready by 7. When we arrived she was expecting a babysitter, but got so much more when we arrived!! 

// Getting ready to knock on the birthday girls door //
// Such a fun view of downtown and Fountain Square from our hotel room //
// The evening most definitely included fancy cupcakes and sparkling grape juice. What girls night would be complete without those two ingredients?! //
// Oh, and also lots of ridiculous photos in our bath robes. I totally felt like I was 14 all over again! //
// I am not going to lie, it was heavenly to wake up when I wanted to and not to  toddler whining and baby screams of "mom, I feel hungry" "follow me, mama" "wake up mom!" //
// And then we tried to make a pyramid ... // 
// So, who's birthdays next?! //

Thank you for turning 30 Joni and going along with our surprise night out! Happy, happy birthday!!

And check out my surprise baby shower they threw for me a year ago (how sweet was that?!). 

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