Life has been busy for us these days. Lots of photos taken with my not so clear, exceptionally grainy iPhone, but photos I do not want to be lost or forgotten. So here are a few of life lately and what we have been up to. 
Our dear friends that moved two hours away last summer had a baby boy in January. Little Lincoln was able to make his first of hopefully many trips to Cincinnati a few weeks ago. The first picture is Lincoln's first reaction to meeting Geoff. I would say they instantly became friends. 
The second picture gives me a glimpse into what life would be like with another little person running around. I am not sure if this pictures totally melts my heart or frightens me to think Geoff and I would be totally outnumbered! 
A couple more photos from our girls night slumber party celebrating Joni's 30th birthday! (check out more photos in the last post here) I think every birthday should include fancy dinner's out, martinellis and cupcakes in hotel rooms and ending the night cuddled up in white robes snapping a gazillion photos with best friends.
I am not exaggerating when I say, every day I make a comment to Geoff 'how I just can't believe how big Maddie is.' I know people say 'times goes by so much faster with the second child' - they were not joking! I literally feel like I blinked and four months flew by with Maddie. It feels like one night I put my baby to sleep and the next morning she woke up a toddler! Not sure quite how it happened, but it did!
Life with Maddie these days are busy and adventurous. She has been taking steps for over two months now, but not actively walking everywhere. Both my children went from crawling to wanting to run. They are movers and totally don't understand the concept of baby steps, especially when Maddie has a big brother running past her all day that she needs to keep up with! She learned how to climb down the steps a few days ago and now thinks she is a pro trying to climb down at every opportunity she can get (which frightens her mama just a little). Maddie was born with the sweetest temperament and spirit and continues to exude that presence with everyone she is around. It has been so fun watching her begin to play with her big brother and develop a bond and love with one another that only exists between siblings. 
// I am not at all obsessed with putting her almost-non-existent-hair into a tiny ponytail. //
We have had a few last-minute, special visitors this month. Geoff's brother and his family came into town for a few days during their kids Spring Break and so we had a few late nights of cousins playing together. It reminds me of all the fun reunions and trips made to visit my cousins and family when I was young. It makes me excited to watch these little ones grow up together and play and get into all sorts of mischief (well, maybe I can wait on the last part!). 
My little brother made quick trip down to visit us before he began a new job. My kids LOVE when Uncle Josh comes into town!! Tate loves to wrestle with him and try and tickle "uncle gosh" but I am pretty sure Uncle Josh always wins :)
This little man is the most fun sidekick! He is communicating so much more these days and I literally have lists of "funny things Tate said today" to read to Geoff when he gets home. Spending your day with a toddler is like spending it with a personal comedian (plus a couple extra tantrums along the way). It seriously is the best!
One of the most hilarious things Tate has been doing lately is at bedtime. A few weeks ago Tate was really sick. Horrible gastro bug that included multiple rounds of throwing up. It was horrible! During that time we kept telling Tate that he 'felt sick' and obviously cuddled more him more than usual and held him and little longer before bedtime. Well, fast-forward a week and Tate is feeling all better but still wanting extra long snuggle time at bedtime/not wanting to go to bed. One night soon after he felt better I was tucking Tate in and he says "I feel sick! I feel sick!" I obviously pick him up and hold him longer and ask him what he needs, to which he replies "snuggle mama" (cue my heart melting and me happily obliging!). Fast-forward the next night, the same patterned repeated - bedtime, "I feel sick! Snuggle mama!!" After a night or two of this repeated pattern, Geoff and I quickly caught on - sneaking little guy! He even did it to our babysitter one night to which I receive a call from her saying "Tate is saying he feels sick" and I have to be that mother that says 'He is fine. Just put him to bed.' Manipulative little toddler tricks aren't going to work on these parents, though he is so darn cute while he is saying them!

Life with these two is busy, crazy and quite adventurous. Some days I feel like I have expended every ounce of energy left in my body - and I wouldn't want it any other way! I love this little family I am privileged to call my own!

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