I know it may sound crazy, but am I the only mama out there that misses her children when they are sleeping or away? It sounds totally nuts even as I type it, because as bad as it sounds, I spend countless hours a day wanting the noise to cease, wishing nap time would come sooner or wanting Geoff to hurry home to help relieve me! When I am in the moment of the chaos that ensues me most of my day I find myself wanting it all to end, but then when it does, I find myself counting down the hours and minutes until nap time is over so my little ones will be up playing with me and flashing me those adorable smiles of theirs. When the weekend finally does arrive, my amazing husband is constantly suggesting for me to take a break and do something on my own. Go get a pedicure. Take myself on a shopping spree. Eat at a restaurant without juggling the kids. As nice as each of those things sound, when I do find myself alone, I find myself missing my children and family so much. For example, I stayed home sick from church today and as I sit here in my quiet home, alone, snuggled in my bed without any wiggly children I am counting down the minutes until they all come home and I can kiss their cute, little faces.

This thing called motherhood is a crazy thing. Never in my life have I experienced so many hard days. I mean HARD days. Never in my life has my patience been tested so much. Never in my life have I cried so many tears. Tears of struggling. Tears of exhaustion. Tears of joy. Tears of happiness. Never in my life have I ever felt like my heart was going to literally burst from the amount of love felt. Never in my life have I felt so much satisfaction from my "job" teaching and learning from my two little babies. Never in my life have I loved my life more! These two are the light of our lives. It is hard being mother, but it is also the easiest thing I have done loving these two!

A few pictures taken last weekend playing outside with the kids. With the weather warming up, playing in the wagon and running up and down the sidewalk has become our usual daily activity. Boy do I love these two little ones!! (how could you not - look how cute they are!!)

^^This girl is turning into quite the beauty these days. I have a love/hate relationship with babies turning into toddlers. It is so fun to watch them grow, learn and develop but sometimes I just wish they would stay my little, snuggly babies forever!! 
^^His favorite activity these days is to "race" (aka run around). He will literally run from one end of the house to the other And ask me to join in with hi I have been getting quite the workout in lately with this boy!
^^One of my favorite things to do with my kids is get down to their level. It is amazing how different things look from their perspective (both physically and mentally). I love how their little minds work and watching them grow and develop!

I am so grateful for a trusting Heavenly Father and I am humbled He has allowed me to raise these beautiful spirits. I love being their mother and hope they always feel that love. 

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