Last weekend Geoff and I took a quick little trip to DC with the help of in-laws watching our kids and friends letting us crash at their place! We took an early flight out Friday morning, arriving in DC a little before 8:30 am, and departed for home Sunday evening. When we booked the trip and I began planning all that we would do while in the city, I quickly became overwhelmed! There's so much to see and do in DC and we had less than 3 days to do it ALL! We definitely didn't get to do everything there is to do while in DC, but we were actually able to do a lot and hit up most of the "must-see's" in DC. Check out our photos to see what we were able to visit!
^^The Washington Monument and its grandeur is just breathtaking. As we toured each monument and historical site, it gave both of us a deeper appreciation for all the freedoms and blessings we have living in this great country we are able to call home. 
^^Representing where I was born :)

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^^Oh how grateful I am for this word and all that it means to us that live here. I am grateful for all that have sacrificed so much in order for each of us to have freedom.

^^Meeting Abe!
^^The reflection pool was under construction when we visited. It is quite an amazing site when it is full as you view the Washington Monument for this spot. I guess we will have to visit again to see it!
^^I have talked about these dresses before, but I will do it again! Run, don't walk if you haven't yet purchased one (or two or three)!! I lived in all my Sonnet James dresses throughout the weekend. I felt like I was wearing my pajamas everywhere we went!! They are the most comfortable, yet classy dress (or outfit for that matter) that I have ever worn!! (not a sponsored post either :) Go now... (or after reading the rest of the post).
^^We visited Eastern Market per the recommendation of our friends and had the most amazing lunch there Saturday!! Geoff ordered the crab cake sandwich and I am pretty sure I ate more of it than he did. It was delicious and definitely a spot to visit while in DC.
^^The Capital was also under construction but was definitely still a site to see.
^^I love visiting the Arlington Cemetery. What a humbling place to see the thousands of men and women who have died for us and for our freedoms. We also caught the changing of the guards ceremony and the changing of the wreath ceremony. Both are quite wonderful experiences to watch for the reverence and respect shown by our military for those unknown to us but have sacrificed it all for us. 
^^We are about 95% sure this is the President's helicopter (don't tell us if it is not :) just let us think we are special!). This helicopter was in a pack of two others flying above us and after looking it up on trusty Google it looks to be the big guy's special helicopter flying over Jefferson's Memorial.
^^We missed the Cherry Blossom Festival by days!! There were still a few blossoms on the trees, but most were on the ground already browning. Still a beautiful site to see Jefferson's Memorial from across the Tidal Basin.

We had the most amazing trip! It was so wonderful to spend quality time with Geoff - to laugh, explore, learn and just relax together. We had a wonderful time staying with Geoff's old mission companion and his wife - check out more pictures from our Sunday together HERE - and are grateful for their wonderful hospitality and amazing location to everything there is to see in DC. Geoff and I are already scheming our next little getaway so anyone willing to host us and/or watch our kiddos give me a shout out :) 

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