We hope you have the most wonderful Easter weekend! It is an extra special weekend for us as it is also our church's General Conference (a semiannual gathering where church members (and all!!) can listen online to sermons from church leaders). Combining these two events and lots and lots of candy make this weekend pretty hard to beat!

Over the past few years this holiday has come to meant so much more to me. The past few days I have found myself reflecting deeply on what this time of year means and specifically what we are celebrating during this Easter season. Oh how I love my Savior,  Jesus Christ. I do not in any way understand or fully comprehend all that he did for us. I do know though, that because of what he did I can have the opportunity to return and live with him and this wonderful family I am blessed to call my own after this earth life. Though I do try to follow my Savior's example every day, I find myself falling short on so many levels. How grateful I am for his Atonement, for his sacrifice, for his most perfect example. I am grateful for his love to his Father in Heaven and for his love for us. I love my Savior and I am eternally grateful for all that he has done for me.

I am also so grateful for my sweet and tender-spirited children. Geoff and I try to speak often about Jesus and teach our children about the gospel. Over the past week Tate has said numerous times, during specific moments I have needed to hear this the most, "Mama, I love Jesus." Hearing those simple, but profound words come out of a two-years mouth make me instantly humble in any circumstance I am in, forgetting whatever mundane, earthly task I was completing, and remind me of my Savior and all that I am grateful for. I love Jesus too and I love my sweet, forever family.

If you haven't checked out this video yet, don't waster another minute! Happy Easter.

And, does it really get any cuter than this?! This little girl is turning into quite the Daddy's girl these days and I am not even mad about it!! It melts my heart watching these two play and giggle together. 

Check out last year's Easter video HERE.

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