Spring has finally arrived and we are loving all the time we have been able to spend outside playing and of course eating lots ice cream!! We are currently training to be professional ice cream eaters (not a real sport?! then I guess we will take the prize for that one). These kids sure do love Vitamin D as much as their mama!!
This little girl has taken quite a liking to her dad these days! It is so fun to see their relationship build and how much Geoff can make her giggle and giggle. Their favorite game to play together is peek-a-boo and Maddie gets such a kick out of 'scaring' her "dada." 

And even though Geoff seems to be her favorite lately, she still loves her mirror selfies with Mommy - check out more HERE
 A few of my favorite things this month (or any day!). It has been so fun having a house and yard to run around and play in and watching the grass grow and the flowers bloom. This year has felt like Spring more than any other year and I think it is because I am outside more than ever with my kids. I am loving all the fresh air... and the added flowers throughout the house and doughnuts because, well because!
Geoff and I were able to escape for a long weekend to DC this month! We had the best time and more of our adventures can be found HERE and HERE, along with a gazillion pictures to enjoy.
We signed Tate up for soccer this year (bad idea). He is entirely too young and it basically is an added workout for me and I come home exhausted, drained and completely overwhelmed. It has been a fun (learning) experience though, but I think two is a little young for the teachings they are trying to implement with this age group. 

The pictures above make it look like practice is a hit and Tate follows instructions, knows how to run all the drills instructed to him and is a great team player!! ... Check out the pictures below for how the majority of practice really goes :)
We had the best Easter the first weekend of April filled with lots of reading from our scriptures and talks from leaders of our church, dying and decorating of eggs, a visit from the Easter bunny and lots of visiting with family. Check out more from our weekend HERE.
We are still learning the 'art' of smiling. Trying to keep our eyes open while smiling and saying cheese is entirely too complicated these days. We will continue to work on it, and obviously keep you updated with pictures on our progress because we always seem to have way too many pictures on this blog!

Life for the Stevens continues to be joyful and full of lots of love and laughter. I love this little family I am blessed to call my own. How did I get so lucky?! 

Check out more Moments Not To Be Forgotten or my Instagram feed for daily updates!

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