This past weekend Geoff and I took a quick little trip to DC to visit friends and the beautiful city we call our nation's capital. I have hundreds and hundreds of pictures waiting to be edited, but I wanted to first share a few of our Sunday in DC.

Before we went to church Sunday afternoon, we drove up to Maryland to visit the DC Temple. When our friends threw out the idea of visiting the temple prior to church I was beyond elated! The temple was not on my original list of things to see and do, not because I didn't want to go, but because it is a good 30 minute drive from the city and getting a car to drive there seemed close to impossible. Imagine my excitement as we began planning our trip up there!
Our visit to DC was nearly a dream! We had the best weather, visited more things than I thought possible in the 2 days we had to tour sites, and spent the best quality time together just Geoff and I. Though our trip was pretty close to perfection, Sunday was by far the highlight! Visiting the temple, walking its sacred grounds, and pondering the covenants I have made with Geoff and my Heavenly Father in a temple such as this was so special. Here are a few more photos from our Sunday visit:
^^We stayed with one of Geoff's mission companions and his wife while in the city. It was so fun listening to their old stories serving together and reading through their journals. They had the opportunity to serve twice together (once at the beginning of Danny's mission and another at the very end of Geoff's) and so the stories were endless!
^^Our wonderful hosts!! Thanks for letting us crash with you two. It was a blast getting to know you both better and hearing old, embarrassing stories about old Elder Stevens :)
^^ I found some cherry blossoms!! We missed the big cherry blossom festival by days!! Very sad, but I found this beautiful tree outside of the church and couldn't resist snapping a few photos. 
^^I love this photo. I can see the two of them sitting (and also doing lots and lots of work!) just like this on the streets of Sao Paulo nearly 10 years ago. 

For more photos from our trip check out HERE and back later this week. 

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