While waiting for his oatmeal to cool down...
Tate: "Mom, I'm a wolf." gives a big huff as he blows on his food

Tate: (squishes my cheeks together with both hands) "You're so cute!"

If you have been to our house before you probably immediately thought we had a herd of ferocious dogs running around as soon as you rang the doorbell. Tate is notorious for running around like a wild animal on cue with the doorbell and making sure to leave his final 'mark' on whatever sorry victim rang the bell by nearly tackling them when they "try" and enter our home. So embarrassing!  Lately we have been working with him on how to properly welcome someone into our home. I ran out to get the mail earlier this morning and upon my entrance back inside ... 
Tate: (grabs my hand firmly)
Mom: (bracing myself for a loving but a little crazy toddler attack)
Tate: "Pleased to meet you" 

Anytime Maddie is playing with him and he is over it. 
Tate: "Maddie is tired. Maddie needs to go to bed."
When putting him in his bed at night... 
Tate: "Please snuggle." 
Mom: (my heart exploding!)

When playing with his trains, while pulling them up a hill...
Tate: "I think I can. I think I can.

During every meal (that he likes)... 
Tate: "This is my FAVORITE! This is the tastiest ever."

Favorites right now:
Song - The Wheels on the Bus
Food - "Black blueberries" aka Blackberries
Lovey - his hat that he wears everywhere (except for the bath) and his special blanket that is almost entirely unravelled (heaven help us when that thing falls completely apart!)
Toy - Any plane action figure from the movie Planes
Show - Wild Kratts (obsessed!)

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