This is not a complete list, this is not even a great list. I have much more to learn! It is, though, my little list of lessons I have learned on my journey through motherhood thus far.
  1. It's just a phase. They will eventually move past it (and then onto another annoying exciting phase). Sit back and enjoy the ride.
  2. Sometimes just surviving the day, even though you may not have accomplished much (or anything at all), is a success.
  3. Don't put your 2 year old in soccer. Just don't do it. 
  4. Prioritize time for yourself.
  5. Read lots of parenting books and blogs, seek parenting advice from those you love, etc. but always follow your motherly intuition. It's there. You have. 
  6. Make sure to bring your own soft TP to the hospital. You'll thank me later.
  7. Let the laundry and dishes pile up so that you can cuddle your baby just a little longer (or all day if you want to). They grow up way too fast. 
  8. Don't ever give up on your kids. 
  9. Every once in awhile try and see yourself through your kids eyes. It will surprise you just how beautiful and marvelous you really are.
  10. Live in the moment with your children. Be present - both physically and mentally. 
  11. Be silly. Kids just want to have fun with you! Run around like lions and tigers (or Tate's favorite cheetahs!), make up silly songs while doing chores, splash around in the tub like a dolphin, run around like airplanes all day. Don't take yourself too seriously.
  12. Potty seats are gross. Just start them on the toilet. 
  13. Pray a lot. A lot, a lot!! I know we have a Heavenly Father that wants to help and guide us every minute of our day. Seek Him, turn to Him with every need or struggle you may be going through. 
  14. Don't buy pajamas with snaps or buttons. You will thank me later as you are zipping up those pjs with your eyes barely open at 3 am!!  
  15. Mini vans are not that bad.
^^This past Saturday Geoff and I were able to spend the day in the temple. Afterwards we took the kids back to the temple grounds to begin to teach them our love for the temple. A few photos from our walk around the grounds.
^^A big thank you to this man I am lucky enough to call my husband! He took over all my regular duties today like it was no big deal! I am so thankful for all that he does for our family and the extra spoiling he does for me!!
 ^^Sometimes even silly faces won't work when trying to get this little man to smile for the camera. And, he has informed me lately he is "not a man, I'm a boy." Okay. Got it!

'Now that I'm a parent, I scratch my head wondering how she did it all. Each day is filled with toys to put away and noses to wipe, dinners to make and work to squeeze in. I can't remember when - if ever - she took time for herself. But now I feel what my mom must have felt as I watch my toddler and baby fall asleep and listen to them giggle in the other room.' Now I know. Thanks Mom for being the best example of compassion, service, sacrifice, dedication, humility and love. Thank you for teaching me how to be the best mother! Happy Mother's Day - I love you!

Happy Mother's Day to all the wonderful mothers out there!!

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