Life with two kids has made monthly or even quarterly updates nearly impossible! I thought I would collect my thoughts on this sweet girl for a moment and share a few pictures of Miss Maddie from our recent trip to Florida.
We checked in at her 15-month appointment this morning weighing in the 95% percentile at 24 pounds, measuring 32 inches long in the 85% percentile, and wearing 18-24 months clothes. This girl loves to eat and her growth is definitely showing it!

One of Maddie's favorite things to do is give kisses (cue my mama heart melting!). When she wakes up in the morning or from her naps she is so excited to see you and just jumping to plant a big, WET kiss on you (specifically your lips!). She will also blow you a million kisses if you look her way.

Her favorite game is a toss up between peekaboo and dumping any container filled with things. She loves shape sorting toys or any toy her brother is playing with. She loves to carry her baby doll around and will gently give it a kiss and then immediately throw it on the ground. Sweet girl she is.
There is no doubt her favorite person is her brother Tate and no one even comes close in the running. Both of the kids usually get up around the same time in the morning (or the first person awake will wake up the other with their shouts for "MOM!!" ... music to my ears in the morning!) and Maddie is the first I get out of bed to change her diaper. Immediately after I change her she bolts from her room and straight to Tate's and walks in saying "hi, hi hi." It is the sweetest thing. The two of them play pretty well together and Tate is constantly asking "where's Madewwyn" when she's not around. Their favorite game to play together is wrestling and Maddie can for sure hold her own with her brother - that is until he sits on her.
We now have a second thumb sucker (started around a year), but thankfully only when we put her in her crib. To help put herself to sleep she also rubs her crib sheet between her fingers over and over until all the sides of her sheet pop up from her the mattress. We go into her bed most nights to find her in the middle of her crib laying on a large pile of her sheet because none of it is tucked in anymore. We give her a blanket that feels similar to her sheet in hopes she will use that, but she won't have any of it!

We finally have a walker and a runner all at the same time!! Maddie started taking her first steps around 11 months but that was all we got out of her for about 4 months. She had no interest in more than a few steps and was perfectly content crawling everywhere she needed to go. While in Florida she finally made the decision that walking really was much easier and now she has completely taken off - literally!!
Maddie has the sweetest personality that just radiates joy and happiness. She loves to be around people and has yet to enter (hopefully we will just skip this!) the "stranger danger phase." She can though be very strong-willed and independent when she wants something or her brother takes a toy away from her. Her favorite foods consist of whatever is on her brothers plate or smoothies, strawberries, peanut butter sandwiches and animal crackers right after nap time.

We love you sweet baby girl and love watching you grow up (though you can slow down any day now!).

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