... well almost. I am just over 12 weeks and so for my sanity's sake we are rounding up and saying I have entered the glorious second trimester where all my energy returns and my sickness immediately leaves (you got that body of mine?!).

To say this pregnancy is different would be an understatement! I have never been so sick during either of my first trimesters combined! For nearly 5 weeks, every day, I found myself curled up on my couch watching my kids and then curled up in bed while they napped.  I have never slept so much in my entire life but this little growing babe inside me was sucking all the energy out of me (and I think the other two little ones I am taking care of also had something to do with my lack of energy!). The dishes piled up. The laundry got washed but rarely never folded. The floors had sticky, unknown residue on them from the previous weeks because they never were cleaned.... BUT... we all survived!!

I had serious mom guilt for months. It was mid-July and my kids had not seen a splash pad once this summer. My sweet husband took them to the park a few times but I hadn't seen the outside walls of my house for weeks sometimes. We missed story time at the library, trips to the zoo and so many other fun memory activities. I felt really guilty for weeks but kept reminding myself this would be just a phase and a phase they would not remember.

So, the past couple of weeks, as my energy is slowing starting to return, I feel like I am making up for lost time! We have been to the pool nearly every other day, scheduling more play dates and I actually made dinner the other night (huge deal!). I have really missed my productive, organized and sometimes over-scheduled-self! I miss the feeling of being active and most importantly being an active mom!!

A few things that are getting excited these days:

A new barre studio opened right when I found out I was pregnant. I went regularly for a couple of weeks until my sickness really started to kick in. Lately I have been finding myself at the studio more with my increase in energy. Have you tried a barre class? If not, run to one (well maybe not run, you will definitely want to save your energy!). I love the changes I have been able to feel and see from barre. I am struggling with severe lower back muscle spasms with this pregnancy already but the days I am to sneak a workout in I feel so much better! Try it!!
In one week Geoff and I will be staying HERE - sans kiddos!! Enough said :)

In six weeks I will be shaking it with some close friends and T-Swift (and a few thousand other crazy fans) as we see her in concert! I may have recently downloaded every song she has ever sung and my kids may or may not have started to memorize the songs. Maddie's favorite...

This blog. I really really really love posting new pictures and happenings from our lives. I don't know who always ends up reading my posts (other than my mother!) but I love having a place to collect all my thoughts, ideas and memories at. During my entire first trimester I had zero energy to post anything and no creativity streaming through me. I am excited to get back at it again!! Now I just need to organize all the pictures from the previous two months and catch up!!

Honestly, I am so incredibly excited for our new babe to arrive. I was really anxious when I got pregnant with Maddie. I wondered 'how would I balance raising two kids?' or 'could I ever love another child as much as I love my first?' I was so nervous how I was going to manage everything and still stay sane, especially with them only being 18 months a part. This pregnancy has brought so many different feelings. Ever since finding out I was pregnant I have been filled with so much excitement! Life will be crazy (let's be honest, it is crazy already!). But, with each child we have brought into our family we have seen such an increase in joy in our lives. I can't wait to hold our newest little babe and to feel that joy that comes with a new child.

Here are a few more pictures from one of our recent pool days with special visitors we recently had!!
^^The cutest little 6 month old I ever did see!! :)
^^Maddie has been obsessed with babies these days. She can usually be found carry one (or two) under her arm and will constantly give it kisses and hugs. It will be fun to see (and probably a little scary) to see her with her newest baby sibling!

Though life lately has had more downs than ups I am looking forward to all the exciting things in my near future. Especially this new, growing baby!!

I hope you all have a wonderful Thursday :)

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