For those that haven't heard the exciting news, WE ARE EXPECTING (again)!! 

We are seriously so thrilled and can't wait to welcome a new little one into our home (or zoo ... some days it feels like one). When this baby is born Maddie will be one month shy of her second birthday and Tate will be a few weeks from three and half. To say my hands will be full is probably an understatement, but I love this quote and can't seem to get it out of my head :

"If you think my hands are full, you should see my heart."

This quote could not ring more true in my life. Things are crazy around here. We are busy nonstop and I can't remember the last time I just sat down (without someone on my lap!). But, through all the chaos and commotion, there is so much joy and love in our home. I love the sweet giggles I hear from my children. I love their hugs and even their wet kisses. I love teaching my children about the gospel and beginning to see their testimonies and love for it develop as Tate says his own prayers or Maddie folds her arms before meals. I love the things my children teach me and I can't wait to learn and love this new little baby!! 

A few pregnancy updates:

Favorite moment: Seeing those two little lines on the pregnancy test. Oh, and then also only seeing one little babe on the ultrasound monitor (the thought of multiples nearly gives me a panic attack).

Eating: The first trimester has been rough for me. Basically from week 6 to 10 I survived on whatever my body could muscle down. Most days it was soup, baked potato and bread. The past few weeks my appetite has resumed ad significantly increased (!!!) and I have found myself craving limeade, I saw pickles the other day in the store and immediately tossed them in my cart and inhaled the jar when I got home, sweet potato chips (chop a sweet potato, drizzle with olive oil and coat in salt!!) and Burger King onion rings (I can't remember the last time I went to BK before this pregnancy but let's just say I have become a regular these days).

Feeling: So pregnant! I know I am still really tiny in comparison to how much bigger I will get, but this baby bump made it's debut around 5/6 weeks and has been continuously growing since! 

Aches or Pains: With both of my previous two pregnancy I suffered from severe muscle spasms in my lower back. The spasms usually began around 6 months when I was quite large and had a lot of pressure through my lower back. This pregnancy it began around 8 weeks! Most of it is due to it being my third pregnancy and that they are so close together, but I am sure carrying around a 25+ toddler around all day doesn't help either. 

Exercise: From week 6 to 10 my exercise consisted of surviving! The past few weeks I have started to incorporate barre back into my daily routine and feel so good when I leave the studio. I think I can also count taking care of two toddlers all day, every day as exercise too :) 

Missing anything: I already have started to get up anywhere from 2-4 times throughout the night to pee. And, I can't sleep on my stomach anymore and can't only find (mild) comfort when wrapped up in my pregnancy pillow. Basically I miss my sleep already!

Overall, we are thrilled for Baby #3's arrival. My due date is February 9th! I hear February is a good month to be born (or late January if you want to arrive a little early :) ). We love you already baby and can't wait to meet you!!

 ^^Goodbye disappearing feet. I will see you in 6 months!

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