It's been awhile since I have had an update on the little big man (he corrects me when I call him a "man" and says "I'm a boy mama"), but thought I might as well since I just was on a roll with Maddie's recent update (see HERE).

These days Tate is weighing in at around 37 pounds and is almost too big for my mama arms to carry him! At his 2 1/2 year appointment he was half of Geoff's height measuring in a 3 feet 2 inches tall! He continues to top the charts in all his growth areas, though his eating habits can be picky at times.
I think I have mentioned here before how little attention Tate gave to Maddie her first year or so of life. He immediately recognized she couldn't really interact or doing anything fun for him and so she was a complete nuance for quite some time. Well, all of that has changed and boy does he love his little sister. He is constantly yelling "come on Maddie, let's go play," to which her response is obviously a blank stare and then back to whatever she was doing. One of his favorite games to play to  is 'Lunchtime' where he feeds Maddie and I every piece of play food we own. He loves to wrestle around  with Maddie, which usually results in him sitting her (still working on that).  He loves to splash around and swim in the bathtub with Maddie, which makes for quite a mess but lots of laughs and lots of love.

This little guy is beginning to become a little more independent and test his boundaries. If you ask Tate a question his immediate response will always be "no!" Even when I ask, "Tate, would you like some ice cream?" "NO!" (a moment of silence from him) "I mean yes." It's just an immediate reaction these days and boy is it driving me nuts! I know most of it is a phase that all toddlers go through and move past, but it can speed up a little faster!!
Another fantastic phase we are going through right now is fear of things and a high intensity of it - mainly the swimming pool. He literally did not leave the first step the entire two weeks we were in Florida and if we tried to coaxed him to come out further with us he would immediately jump out of the pool and run to his pool chair. Please tell me this is a phase we will also eventually grow out of.

On a positive note, Tate is officially potty trained (see HERE for the post update and how we did it!). He caught on really quickly once we started and has been great, even staying dry for most naps! Way to go buddy!!
From birth Tate has been the most lovable little child and continues to be. He snuggles with me more hours out of his day than any other activity. I don't want to complain because I know one day the snuggles will go away, but sometimes he can be literally smothering! He will sit in your lap forever if you let him and can give one mighty, big hug!

Tate, we love you and love the amazing, helpful, loving little boy you are growing into (just please grow a little slower!).

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