My baby boy turned three this past week and I don't know if I should be so excited to see him grow into a handsome, smart, creative and loving little boy or want to cry knowing he really isn't so little anymore and is just growing way to fast!!

We celebrated his birthday Thursday with breakfast in our pjs (see here) and then followed by cupcakes with friends at the park. We extended our celebratory festivities into this weekend by visiting Thomas the train!! We were super lucky that Thomas decided to come into town just for Tate's birthday weekend :)

The day with filled with train rides, meeting Sir Topham Hatt (probably the highlight of the day), watching a magic show, having balloon dinosaurs made for him and so much more! Tate was literally beaming the entire day, which makes my mama heart oh so happy!!

Here are a few pictures from our day!!

^^Riding an old fashion train car was super cool, even for the adults!
^^This is one of the few pictures of I have of him not touching Sir Topham Hatt. He was so enthralled by him and couldn't stop staring and trying to reach out and touch. I would have loved to know what was going through his mind at that time!
^^This little one is such a daddy's girl!! She lights up whenever he is around and always wants to be by his side. It is quite adorable. Unlike her hair... what do I do with a toddler girl's hair that is growing out/looks like a mullet?! Any advice is welcome!
^^Per request a green T-rex!!

Happy birthday little big guy!! We love you so much but you can really stop growing any day now :) 

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