Has this summer completely flown by for anyone else? In the beginning I thought it would never end as I was curled up on my couch struggling through all the woes of the first trimester, but then things just whirled on by!

I am thankful I have these pictures to reflect back on because most of the time when I think back on this summer I have a lot of "mommy guilt." I was so sick for so many weeks and the kids and definitely stayed camped up in the house more days/weeks than I would like to admit. But, looking back on these photos and many more in my phone, it makes the guilt a little less as I remember all the fun times (and there were many!) we all did have together.

Here's a random assortment, in no particular order, of photos from our summer:

^^I am pretty sure she is scheming ways to steal her brothers popsicle. Maddie can eat a popsicle faster than any person I know, and then will promptly demand for more!
^^We were so lucky to get a visit from Meme this month!! Tate asked "where is my Meme" at least twice an hour for a whole week! Florida is just too far away... 
^^My favorite guy turned thirty this summer!! 
^^We are so blessed to have another temple within driving distance! We were fortunate enough to be able to attend the Indianapolis Temple open house prior to its dedication as a family. My heart was bursting the entire tour (even through holding wiggly kids!) with the most peaceful feeling and thoughts of gratitude towards my Heavenly Father for providing holy structures like this one on earth for us to visit and attend regularly. It was so amazing to be able to take our children through the temple and teach them simple principles and our love for the temple through examples. 
^^Geoff surprised me with a new washing machine! It most definitely was Christmas in July :)
^^Basically we eat our way through summer with lots and lots and lots of yummy treats!
^^Please tell me everyone has to stop and check out the lobsters on their way through the grocery store?!
^^Geoff and I were able to attend the men's semifinals match together. It was the most perfect day and a great day of tennis!

I love my little family!! I love all of these photos and cherish them as they help remind me of all the fun, love and laughter we share together! Thanks for an amazing summer!!

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