Tonight we had Tate's first swim lesson. To say I was nervous is an understatement. He is almost three years old and crazy scared of the pool (the "big pool" specifically). He will splash around and play in any kiddie pool but the sight of a "big pool" sends him running hysterically in the other direction (literally). I had great intentions of signing him up for swim lessons at the beginning of the summer so we would have the entire season to 'practice' but then I got pregnant and the morning sickness came and my energy completely left! Surviving was the only thing on my 'to do' list and swim lessons was an afterthought. At this point, though, we just can't wait until next summer!!

I signed him up a few weeks ago and immediately the butterflies started! I knew Tate would freak out (understatement) and it would be a very difficult situation for me. We arrived at the pool with plenty of time before his lesson. At first he was excited to see pictures of a "bear scuba diver" and they had stickers at the front desk. This was turning out to be a pretty cool place... until he caught sight of the pool!! Immediately the tears came, the death grip onto my leg and the cries to go home! The staff went above and beyond to help! They were absolutely amazing and even gave him a private lesson to help transition him into the program. I can't say enough good things about them!!

The lesson was hard. It was hard for Tate and there were tears involved through the entire 30 minutes. It was hard for me and there were also quiet tears involved. But, during those 30 painstaking minutes I also felt peace. I thought about our Heavenly Father and what He must feel as he watches us have to do something we don't want to do, crying and gritting our teeth through the entire process. It can't be easy to watch His precious children try and do hard things on their own without any inference. But then I also felt the amazing joy He must feel when He watches His children succeed and do those hard things on their own. When Tate first entered the water (well was forced into the water) he was literally bear hugging the coach, legs wrapped around him and eyes were shut! By the end of the lesson Tate was jumping off the step, floating on his back and swimming with a noodle (all still assisted obviously). My heart was bursting with such pride, joy and excitement. Watching our children do things out of their comfort zone is so hard! But the joy felt watching them succeed and seeing their confidence in themselves grow is one of the best experiences as a parent! 

I am so incredibly grateful to be a mother to these two wonderful children (and another on the way!). I am humbled by the trust my Heavenly Father has in me to teach and raise them but so glad He has given them to me!! 

These photos are from a few weekends ago but need to be documented!!

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  1. Liam was really afraid of the pool last summer and we just rode it out and this summer he won't stop jumping in without his floats. I've learned that kids all go at their own pace. Be careful not to force something if the interest is not there for fear of lifetime scars. Like Liam and the dentist. We still only go to just brush our teeth. It's a waste of time and money but I know Liam needs eased into things to be comfortable, which is completely different than Payten.



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