It seems like our lives are filled with trains and even more trains these days (see here and here) but our little man just can't get enough of them! When we decided to visit our dear friends a couple of weekends ago they found the cutest little railroad preservation festival for us to attend! We spent our Saturday riding trains, climbing tractors and dirt piles, and began to enjoy the beautiful Fall weather that is upon us. 

We miss having our friends being less than 5 minutes from us and continue to beg them to move back to Cincinnati, but I love that we don't even skip a beat during our monthly (or sometimes bi-monthly) visits! It is so fun to see each others families grow, even if having three kids under the age of three under one roof all weekend can make things a little chaotic!

Lots more pictures from our trip to the railroad!

^^It was literally the smallest train I have ever been on! I felt like we had to equally distribute our weight through the cart or it may fall over on the track at any moment! (the old man running the "show" told us they had regular inspections... let's hope!)
^^Just a typical Stevens' family picture - one person's eyes are closed, another's picking their nose and the other is looking at something other than the camera pointed at them!! #hopeless

Thanks to this wonderful woman and her family for hospitality and patience with our crazy family!! Even if they are not 5 minutes from our house anymore, we are glad they are still a short road trip away!!

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