Tate has been attending preschool for two weeks now but I am just finally getting around to posting his "first day of preschool" pictures and documenting our "first day" moments (ahhh, life is just too busy these days - or let's be honest it always is!)!! To say Tate is loving school would be an understatement!! He asks to go to school every morning but unfortunately only gets his wish 3 days per week (Monday, Wednesday and Friday). He is quite the chatter box on our drive home from school and I love hearing about all the details - from the snacks they ate to the books they read to the friends that he made! I have loved watching him grow in confidence and intelligence and can't wait to see what the amazing future holds for this sweet, little man of mine!

First day of school story...

If anyone has ever met Tate that know that the word 'shy' would not be something to describe him! He is quite the social butterfly and can make friends with just about anyone! One of my all-time favorite moments of Tate's thus far in his life was walking into his school on his first day. He jumped out of the car excitedly and seemed ready to conquer whatever was ahead of him. He held onto my hand and we joined the pack of other anxious, nervous parents and kids walking into the school. Everyone around us was quiet. I could almost hear the butterflies in each of the parents ('will my kid cry when I leave?' 'will they make friends?') and in each of the kids ('I don't know anyone.' 'I don't want my mommy to leave me!'). Then, all of a sudden my social butterfly of a child yells out "HI. MY NAME IS TATE STEVENS." Everyone looks around to see where in the world that obnoxious noise is coming from. Then Tate continues, "HI. HOW ARE YOU? I'M TATE." All the parents continue to look at him and suddenly I see smiles and light giggles and the mood seems to lighten just a little for everyone. 

That is Tate. He is a wildly energetic, happy, social little boy. He brings smiles to everyones faces and loves to make new friends. This was such a fun moment for me to see my sweet son's personality really begin to come out and to see just a glimpse into the magnificent, wonderful person he is becoming. 

Tate, please never lose your personality, your boldness and your ability to make others smile. We love you and love watching your grow. Never stop being YOU!! :) 

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